Review – HOWL : "Howl"

Howl - Howl EP

released July 21, 2009 on Relapse

This is the music you would create if you got High On Fire ripping bingers from a Bongzilla and satiated the munchies with Soilent Green. Dredging dirge after dirge from a swampy black mire somewhere in the nether regions of Rhode Island(?!), they scrape off the crusty decomposition from their found artifacts and forge something fine enough for a Baroness, yet filthy enough for a Goatwhore. With a full length on the horizon and so much promise already, the ravenous masses will undoubtably be baying until the release. Until then, enjoy the first drops of their Lifesblood. The best minds of a generation may not be destroyed by madness if they know how to channel it.

FCC: 1, 2 (both good songs). Try 3.

1. And The Gnawing
2. Oma
3. Kings That Steal

[xrr rating=4/5/5]

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