Author: Lincoln Bowker

The skills of metalworkers

Construction of structures may look easy to make but do you know that metalworking needs special skills in order to execute the plan properly.

A metalworker must be able to measure, cut, fabricate, weld and install the metal sheets or bars well. It could be for a small project or bigger and heavier infrastructures, but the person who will work with metals and steels must have enough knowledge on how to do it perfectly because stability of the building is not the concern but also the safety of the people who will use it when the project has been finished.

Professional metalworkers will never tolerate a trial and error type of work. In fact, they must possess skills inclined with mathematics and engineering. They should be able to draw simple and intricate technical plans or also known as the blueprint in engineering.

Skilled metalworkers are capable of thinking of various techniques to have the project done. Guessing is not accepted since they are expected to have a perfect measurement of dimension and flatness, because no material should be wasted. The team at Steel fabrication Brisbane are an example of expert metal workers.

Part of their special skills is to provide the exact amount of materials needed for the project, also, the kind of metals suited for the fragment of the structure. Construction metalworkers should be able to read and interpret a technical plan made by an engineer or architect in order to lay out the material accurately.

In most countries, metalworkers are well compensated because of their skills and abilities. They are also expected to handle heavy equipment used to assemble metals not only the lightweight ones but even the heavy-duty substance. If you will base the standard qualifications of metalworkers to the set skills and specifications by the industry, the construction workers must have educational background about their professions and not just about pure talent or self-learned skills.

Tips to take good care of metal materials

You will never see a construction project without using metals. Whether it is a residential structure or a commercial building, metals will always be part of the construction progress.

Metal is a necessary component in architecture and construction. It is always used because of the impressive qualities it possessed compared to other materials. Metal is proven tough, long-lasting, somehow affordable and a very versatile material.

The only external factor that can affect metals is rust or corrosion. Although, some metals has the property to resist rust and stains caused by harsh weather conditions. Some chemicals are applied on the metal to get rid of corrosion or in order to maintain its quality. Coatings, paints and other anti-rust solutions are used to protect the metal from developing unwanted effects.

You can always choose the kind of metal which is naturally corrosion-resistant but of course proper maintenance is advised. After many decades and centuries, metals may weaken especially the exposed ones when neglected.

As early as you see stains on the exposed metals, you must do something to prevent it from developing more and decay in the future.

Metals are used for exterior structures but also as beams, frames posts and even foundation. Unlike other materials in construction, you do not need to worry about replacing it from time to time. It is known for its durability, strength and versatility.

Of course, it needs to be maintained but spending lots of money for it is not likely to happen. If you know how to handle it with care, the metals you used will never decompose or break.

One of the qualities why it is commonly used in the construction industry is because it safe; metals are fire-resistant and will not collapsed unless abandoned and decayed.

Common metallic materials for construction

We all know that steel or metal plays an important role in construction of buildings or houses. But, do you have an idea which kind of metal suits your needs? Here are the common types of metals used in construction, in many parts of the world:

  • Carbon Steel – is the most used metal in construction due to its hardness and durability. This kind of steel is used for beams, slab flooring, building frames, roads, bridges and overpass. Among the available steels, Carbon is the most trusted because of the strength.
  • Stainless Steel – this kind of metal is known in the industry for many years. The special characteristic of this steel is corrosion-free which means the metal can last for a long time. Stainless steel has different grades so, you can choose which type you need whether it is easy to cut and weld or the harder metal. This can be used for posts, roofing, gates and railings.
  • Aluminum – Nowadays, people prefer using aluminum steel in most parts of building and home construction. This is a lightweight type of metal but can surely survive all types of whether. It is used to make windows, roofs, doors and even gates.

Without metals, we cannot make a sturdy and heavy-duty structures. It does not matter if it is just a small project such as residential unit or high-rise buildings and fly-overs.

There are more kinds of metals that may be used for construction but these 3 are the most popular. These metals are easy to find and the price range depends on the grade and size. These are the most practical steels although not so affordable, but the money that you will spend is surely worth it.


3 Benefits of Metal in Construction


Among all the construction materials, metal is the most economical and practical product that you can avail. Not because the price is cheap but because it is durable and lasts longer than anything else when maintained properly. Metal is a low-maintenance type of material since most kinds of metals are corrosion-free and hard enough to sustain its strength and quality.

Also, metals are easy to assemble and install so, you can save with man-power fee during construction. It is also reusable or can be remodeled if needed instead of buying another.



Do not get me wrong when I say flexible. Not the stretchy type but meaning to say it is versatile or adaptable. Metal is one of the materials used for modern architecture. You can get the size or grade you want and can even choose the patterns and other designs. For home structures, it is commonly used for gates and roofs which can be transformed to any shape and style.

Wide-range of choices

We all know that different kinds of metals are available in the industry and architects and construction workers prefer a specific metal for every task. Since there are many options to choose from, you can now work with any project without having a hard time. For example, for heavy infrastructures, carbon is the most used metal because it is indestructible and has industrial-strength.

While for doors, gates, windows and roofing, a light-weight material such as aluminum is needed. It is perfect for exposed parts of the building because it will not develop rust. Although, paints and coatings are recommended to maintain its toughness and beauty.

Another one is copper which is usually used for wirings and also for roofing. This could be one of the most affordable metals yet proven to last up to few decades with minimal repair and maintenance.