14 Best GoPro Angles | Car Mounting Guide

Finally a quick, simple guide to GoPro mounting positions on a car. This video will run you through 14 different angles, showing how they are suction cupped to the car and what the angle looks like. Each angle is numbered for your convenience.

Video filmed on a GoPro Hero 2 at 1080 30p on a 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X MR.

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Stephen Montgomery

This man is a hero from 2014. This video needs way more views, thank you for this!

The Uncontained Chastain's

What suction cup mount were you using?


Nice. Don't think I'll be mounting a GoPro outside the vehicle though!

Arslan Ahmed

Could you please provide the link for a suction cup or a better one since it's been 6 years? I was going to buy this one, https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00F19Q7YI/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_4?smid=A3DWYIK6Y9EEQB&psc=1. Any better options? Thanks

Khash Khorramdel

Hey man! Question, what go pro settings do you use for these outside shots?

Super Javi

What mount are you using


Aren’t you worried someone can stop and steal it from you when you’re on a red light?

ajaykumar konkati

03:24 My favorite angle. Great video !! Kudos…

Philly Dee

Cool video!!!

Nitro Don

Awesome angles!! Thanks

O.R Garage

But like why didn’t we get an exhaust sound clip?

Aperture On Fire Photography

How well are these suction cups? I'd hate to loose a brand new gopro on a mountain run in my Si. >.<

Baby D

I thought that was Nev from Catfish lol

Akhil Panchal

Cool dude
Is there any necessary to attach a tether,?

CTO Information

hi, nice video, I have a question, for the below video which position do you think they used? It can not see the hood, but the position somewhat higher than your Angle 6. thank you!


I saw someone mount it to the sunroof on the inside to get that inside looking out view that looked pretty cool.

Warren Braxton

that smile tho!


Here is my two cents 🙂

Angle 1 would look better if you put the camera not on the window, but above fuel lid or even further back.
Angle 2 would look much better if the camera were placed a foot lower and almost whole wheel were in the frame
Angle 3 -OK
Angle 4-GOOD
Angle 5 Not really , but could work if the side of the car was in the frame including front wheel
Angle 6 Good
Angle 7 OK
Angles 8 AND 9 – Good
Angle 10 Not really
The rest of them are good

Hari Nambiar

Easy way to pass information without a lot of explaining. Thanks for sharing this.



Kenneth Nergard

Angles 2:50 3:12

Jb5377 88

awsome work


You should always use a safety cord to tie your camera so you don’t lose it if your mount lets go.

Mike Phillips

YOu smoked that V6 Mustang in your Evo 10 bro!


3:09 "just two straight guys doing straight car things, right hon- .. buddy?"


Angle 13 looks very dangerous. That thing can crack your head open even in a minor accident.

Secret Lair Gaming

I was like nice evo! Till I found out it’s an automatic now it’s just a lancer to me


Well done video. Thanks

Explorin’ Doran R Brown

Nice suburbs. Looks exactly like my SoCal suburb.
The angle on the driver door interior was unique and I like it.

Raffy V

why is it automatic …

Avdhut Vaidya

13th looks damn awesome

Serg berg

13 is what ima use in my drift videos lol

Richard Hern

Alex ubago? is that you? :v


Very nice thank you

Josse Alexander

Good video, thanks!


just what I was looking for, thanks

不能 不明白

what mount are u using?