1996 Geo Metro 5MT: Regular Car Reviews

This week on Regular Car Reviews, we review the 1996 Geo Metro. Does it deserve its poor reputation? Or is there a hidden gem beneath this General Motors body work? We’ll take this Geo Metro out for a drive, talk about the history of the Geo brand, and explore why it has the reputation it has in the first place. Grab a seat, as RCR reviews the 1996 Geo Metro.
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Andrew werdnA

I had the 4 cylinder 4 door Chevy Metro version. I forgot the exact year mine was but early 2000s. It took me from Philadelphia to Alexandria LA and could make a u-turn on a dime. I loved how everything was mechanical. Even the thing that changed the vent from blowing on your feet to blowing on your hands or up to defog the windshield was mechanical. It's the only car I've had an emotional attachment to and I remember it every time I drive up this one specific hill near me.

Gary Bobst

I always heard Geos are constipated…they can't pass anything.


My first year in the army was spent with my buddy in his 95 Metro. Some of the best times in my life.

Jeffrey Long

I knew Mr. Regular was a power bottom. Time to head to PA with my 8×5 and introduce myself

Jessica Kilby

I loved this car when I had it, normally got 50 mpg

Sean Warman

had 2 they were awful. the second one was Manuel its was a little better. the worst part was the alternator.


The main reason cars like this are unsafe is due to the prevalence of giant useless compensator-mobiles on the road.

Silver Lartiet

My roommate had one of these from 91, it was a shade of green and was a soft top auto. It didn't have anything past the headers and god it was a fun car, I don't regret ever getting behind the wheel of this little car. Going from a 04 and an 97 deville to THIS. I will admit I started to look for one for myself. It didn't have a radio but it had a motor, it had wheels and god that heater. It ran me though a hard midwest winter. 10/10 would legit buy one if I saw one for the right price.

Jake Blake

It's a true blue regular car

DerM ann

My 1993 Geo Metro was almost exactly like the one in the video. Black paint, grey plastic interior, 1.0L 3 banger, 5 speed and no AC.

Whilst I'd never want to have to daily one ever again, it was a great first car. Super easy to upkeep, excellent fuel economy, and even though it was hilariously slow, it was fun to drive.

I've always described it as driving a go-kart on a public road.

Nathan Kim

I missed the songs at the end. Reminds me of listening to "Car Talk" and hearing a song parody during the breaks.


Geo metro is big "start autocrossing for less than $3000" energy

"The appearance of struggle" 💀

Accord Aero R

Passenger in the Subaru at 5:52 knows what's up.

Willem Cohen

The speedometer ending on 5s is INFURIATING

Louis Babycos

If I had disposable cash I would love to restomod a Geo metro with a modern turbo inline 3 cylinder power train.


Selling my Geo Metro to get a fucking truck is one of the worst mistakes I’ve made in my life.

Frank McNally

A 1996 geo metro LSI was my first car. I should have never sold it. It may have only been 70hp and top out at 95 downhill but it was a fun little gas sipper.

Kevin Loaiza

we have lots of those here in Costa Rica
if you guys ever come to central america
you´ll see fun cars here 🙂


A close friend had one of these cars. He drove it for about 350,000. miles with basic maintenance and a clutch at about 175,000. Miles.


There's one thing that these kind of cars offer that you cannot get with any other type of car. A carefree mindset. If you're the kind of person who likes things that are so bad, they're good, these are awesome cars. They're hilariously slow.
If you slide it into a snowbank and mess up the passenger side, you laugh at the situation instead of cry. The mirror falls off? Its funny. Lose a hubcap? Its funny. Because in the end, its a reliable, humble vehicle that you can fix with dicktape and self tapping screws.

Edit: Duck tape.
Was dickstracted by Brian's bulge story 🤣


6:52 There is always the original intent of the writer. However, to box anything into only being that, its true capability will never be known.


1:43. I was not ready for this 😭.
Why am i grossed out and hard at the same time?

James Bob

Grandpa gave me a 94 Geo Metro as my first car. Kinda sketchy driving on Canadian highways in the winter with 90 km/hr wind gusts and snow. Thing felt like a tin can on wheels man

Paul Puljic

Art Bell owned one…had nothing but praise.

Subjective Epistemologist

I cant tell if I am watching a car review video, or a video about sacrifice and redemption.

Jack'o all Trades

100% would DD one.