4 Days Winter Camping in Deep Cold -35

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Brad @ExploreTheBackcountry
Jon @LostLakes

Instagram @Xanderbudnick

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10:01 lmfao these little scenes are my favorite

tyler hall

Absolutely class video Xander, probs one of my favourites so far, nothing better than camping with the boys for a couple nights and eating goldy goop

Hans Bøe

Love your content! I would love to see a summer and winter gear video in the future 😀

Canoe The North

Looked like you guys all had a lot of fun on this trip. That was interesting hearing brad talk about that tree and grafting it. Good luck with your tree farm 🌳 🌲 and great video as usual. 🛶

Hollow Kanti

That wasn't hashbrowns, that was just hash

simbe outdoor

good vidio

Pierre Duranleau

Man, I'm hungry after watching this one. Meals look great. Nice to get out into the wild, 🏕 and chow down on some good grub in good company. Kudos!

Carpenter mike

Watching you guy makes me sad

Steven Esparza

Sweet video the view of the sky are amazing the

Joseph Mort

Do you have the ability to be saved if the weather really goes south or someone gets really hurt or are you just going to die in the wilderness?

Tanner J

I love your videos but make sure you are careful swinging an axe. You don’t want to hit your thigh or you would be in a world of hurt. Learned this from a logger.

Christy Dunlap

One of many reasons I subed is Xander's personality.

Humayun Zafar

best channel ever, everything looks great when cooked on open fire 🔥

Kyle Woodward

Please, if you make merch to sell, you have put the image of you licking the frozen waterfall saying "mmm nature's milk, water." I died, man! So funny. 🤣

Opie Outdoors

Oh man you 3 are awesome, going to definitely subscribe to Bradley’s channel. Already a huge fan of Lost Lakes. Keep on having fun lads and thanks for the killer content.

N. Gkinis

Liked it during the first advertisement before the start of the actual video. You rock brother !!


It's called "Whats this here sauce."


Wild ahh ratings 💀


Hey Xander, love your videos. I live in the UK and we can’t make campfires on the land like you do. Can you survive a night or two without lighting a fire? How would you stay warm?

Weather Incorporated

These are a few of my favorite humans…. Whiskers on Xander, mustache’s on B-rad, John is the tallest of all Of the lads….. these are a few of my favorite humans….


Awesome video. Definitely give this a blue on the color wheel out of 3!!!


Another fellow Canadian, props👊

jibin k koshy


Sigurd Løseth

You should come to norway, we have some good nature to explore

m sun

This reminds me of your adventures in the snow turn it up

Ashley H

Love the winter campins, AND we get a cooking comp? Top notch.


Just guys being dudes 👍

B3AR tg

New to your channel,but even tho I’m just getting started on your channel you’re going on 3 years dont slow down yet there’s still new people coming in. enjoy the content!

Lyn Holden

Xander and his BDE is back!!! I am so here for it. ❤️❤️❤️


Great video!


Great viewing. And the last couple meals made me hungry so I’m off to get a feed. 😂