55 Chevy Street Truck

A 55 Chevrolet Street Truck…..LT1 under the hood…Whiskey barrel in the bed to hold the the air ride equipment…Custom interior…and Body work and paint by B Rod and Custom…This is one cool Truck…Check it out!!!!…Make sure you visit for more cool car stuff!!

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kris kyler esposo

This was recommended this is why i clicked it cuz i have this kind if toy model 1:32

Stephen Babin


Chad Wagemann

Build em to drive! That's what I'm talking about !! Nice truck! Thanks for sharing Scottie!

МАГА gelandewagen

one of the beautiful pickups like

Henry g

Wow a gorgeous Chevy 💥

john jacobs

Not everyone likes the large back window……….. I prefer the small glass….. My 3100 2nd series 55 is candyapple red small back window, 283. Mainly original… Atlanta truck by way of Fla to Penna. I do like it though. GMC hood????????

Adrian Tomlin

As always, good job Scottie!! That's an awesome ride. I noticed the top wasn't chopped. I m glad he didn't do that!

Carts & Quads

Great truck, if I were to knit pick it the only flaw I could see is the messy wiring in the barrel. No big deal though cause its covered up. He did excellent work on the truck though! One of my favorite 55's on YouTube

Bobby Beaver

Scottie D Tv,best hot rod videos in the net.Love your channel Scottie D.




ABSOLUTELY HATE the way ads and suggestion boxes now pop up and cover most of the clip during the last minute or so here on YouTube. The advertising is KILLING YouTube for the viewers.

glen johnson

this is really starting to piss me off i subscribe to you and then a few months later i'm not again. and its not just you its others i and subscribed to also. but great video again


Man… sick sick ride

Troy Brown


Once again you've found a beauty Scottie D.


Wish I had money to burn like this.

New Lion

Hey scottie if u havnt already, u should do a video on the Detroit Deluxe '58 its sweeeet!!

Shirley Gawn

Very nice color. Can u tell me what color it is

Nestor Toublanc

Un sueño 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏


Do you still have this truck… if you have it tell me if you want to sell it

Kelly Cartertdebhhgyy

Nice chevy

Nicole Cryer

SWEET $$$$$$😲

VanGuy Steve

My fav.


What a gorgeous blue color and she sounds just how i want her to sound.


I can drive "55" truly an amazing truck😎

Иван Suzuk!Laiv

👍 зачет!!!

James Avery

That year is the cream of the crop when it comes to chevy trucks. Just beautiful. The 55 ford was also a looker

Red Long

Early in video when he is naming the places that did the work he says something Motorsports what is the first word?

Manuel Morales

hermosa camioneta truck good 👍👍👍saludos desde chile

Russell Makar

My friend is working on one of these only he is restoring it to original condition, the only difference is he has a 350 motor, and it was a rust bucket when he got it but it's starting to look pretty good now. I love the curved rear window.



Buckwild 65

What color of blue is that?


wow amazing truck ever…i love it


Beautiful truck!! I love the air compression is hidden in the whiskey barrel.

Lore 353

Lucky you

Charles Wildman

Nice Truck! I love all the cars on this guy's video.

Querubin Lopez

what kind of color do you use it?, its a great truck