6 CRITICAL Tasks Of A Law Firm Office Manager

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You asked me what a law firm office manager does. There are 6 important tasks in law firm management that they’re supposed to get involved in. Today, I’m going to share them in detail with you, PLUS a seventh task that you should NEVER have your law office manager do when it comes to law firm administration.

Most people might not know this, but a law firm office manager has a lot of responsibilities. The administrative tasks alone include updating office supplies, arranging office space, making sure that everyone has their work tools that are functioning right, and basically everything that your office could possibly need.

Every law firm also requires marketing, and in some law firms, this job is done by the office manager. This is also the case for payroll, bookkeeping and billing, and IT which are all CRUCIAL law firm management processes that he/she has to oversee.

For proper law firm administration, keep these tasks and tips in mind when assigning responsibilities to your law firm office manager

01:05 – Administrative tasks
02:20 – Human resources
03:02 – Law firm marketing
03:55 – Your FREE GIFT from Dave
04:56 – Payroll
05:35 – Bookkeeping and billing
06:02 – Information technology
06:40 – Bonus tip



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