6 Strategies to Increase Cash Flow | Cash Flow Management for Startups

I teach you 6 strategies startups are using right now to increase cash flow without raising venture capital. Free template included.

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I show you the strategies I’m seeing startups use to increase their cash flow right now – these span from deals/discounts/bundles to alternate sources of financing/tax breaks to cost-cutting and restructuring marketing campaigns.

Often businesses can’t or don’t want to fundraise, and in times like this, you need to understand how to pull levers to manage your cash flow. We walk through many ideas you can use in your startup.

0:55 create discounted purchase bundles to boost AOV while offering customers more value
2:52 unit economics analysis for eCommerce 2-for-1 sale + cash flow expectations
6:50 unit economics analysis for SaaS business 2 years for 30% off bundle + CF expectations
10:28 offering exclusive discounts to past purchasers (benefit: $0 CAC)
13:28 offering pre-payment reservations for sold-out products or launches to raise cash
14:56 non-dilutive financing options
15:34 claiming R&D tax credits – favorite vendor Neo.Tax
16:55 inventory financing for eCommerce – favorite vendor ClearCo
18:19 recurring revenue financing for SaaS – favorite vendor Pipe
19:46 how to approach cost cutting – minimum viable company exercise
24:17 substituting ad spend for product gifting and/or affiliate marketing deals

By the end of this video, you will understand some of the most important strategies around cash flow management and increasing cash flow.

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*Disclaimer, this video is sponsored by Neo.Tax & ClearCo. Some links included in this video are from companies which I will earn an affiliate commission.

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Eric Andrews

What strategies are you using to increase cash flow right now? Share with the group so we can all benefit 🙏