9 Video Game Villains Created Out Of Spite

The GTA vs. Driver feud is legendary.

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Scott why are you apologizing for pronouncing Diablo correctly?

Pierce Lo

Didn't Witcher 3 have 3 rock trolls in a cave that were named after harsh critics of Witcher 2? And when you enter the cave one of them rips a massive wet fart and says he's going to remedy his tummy ache by sticking his finger up his……. did this happen or am I nuts?


im surprised that damon from no more heroes travis strikes again isnt part of list. hes literally based on the head of ea games.

Michael Kinley

Whimsyshire looks like Diablo X Fortnite lmao

Nate Littletent

10 games where side characters stole the show

Terry Jones

Ahh yes, the whole PETA VS Pokemon debacle, back before we started hearing about what they were actually doing behind closed doors…..

Eric S

how about gta 4's mission where you kill a lawyer because Jack Thompson's crusade against the series?

Steve Walsh

10 best original Xbox fps that are not halo




Let's be honest, Whimseyshire really isn't much of an exaggeration of Diablo 3's art style. It might be zombies and demons instead of unicorns and rainbows, but it's very colorful and cartooney zombies and demons.


Nintendo and gamefreak weren't wrong though, PETA is the absolute worst. Blatant hypocrites who kill more animals than they save and are the largest eco-terrorism group to exist. No one should support PETA and the leaders should be jailed.

Cause Whynot

This guys annoying

Vulpus Armoury Productions

Peta is an animal cruelty group, not a welfare group


Yes, because Peta doesn't kill more animals than KFC…

ashen one

Who calls it diablo instead of diablo?

Raven Bridges

Raikov's mask In metal gear 3 can also be used in the first boss fight with volgen to distract him for a brief moment because he had feelings for raikov that's why when volgen cup checked snake he knew something was wrong he knew it wasn't raikov sort of a funny bit of game lore but metal gear has always been a bit odd when it comes to it's lore that's why most people can't follow the timeline cause it's weird ana bit convoluted but that's why I love the games I even have a reference from the game as my gamer tag

Sagan The Khajiit

Well to be fair most of Diablo 3 feels like a punch in the face of fans of the previous games.

John Sapp

If PETA actually cared about animal welfare, they would only be running no kill shelters.

Matt Blank

I have never heard someone say Die ablo.

Nicholas Farrell

Bob Barbas and Raptor News Network from DMC, anyone? Y'know, demon-Bill O'Reilly and just-barely-not-Fox News?


I loved driver 3


but… pokemon IS a bloodsport. An incredibly boring one.


Why would anyone call the game Di-Ab-Lo? Anyone with a brain, knows it's pronounced Dee-Ab-Lo.


Have to love when major corporations take liberties to throw shade at other groups or people and yet when the same groups throw some back they run away with their tail tucked threatening a lawsuit (at a "minimum") i.e. Nintendo v. PETA

Ken Wehrheim

So you’re going to call out dee-ah-blow versus die-ab-low for Diablo, but not even going to bat an eye at saying pay-ta instead of pee-ta for PETA huh?

TheDonofthsht76 -

The GTA/DRIVER feud is amazing 🤣🤣 didn't know Driver 2 was the first to be able to get out of the car. Imagine if it came out good. It might be Driver 6 we're waiting decades for today

delu knight

I mean peta and Nintendo been going at it for years hell last year was something in animal crossing new horizons. I think Nintendo should just sue them in into the ground.

jota ngas

nice pronunciation on the diablo word. Congratz.

Wisconsin Sea Gnome

"Dee-oblo". You mean people actually try to pronounce it "Die-ablo"? Seriously?

Drake Loki

PETA has given money to a Serial arsonist, has been caught freezing animals to death in their shelters ( also some of their members steal pets from loving homes to take to those shelters because deep down in their beliefs they think it's wrong to keep pets) even though they constantly attack kill shelters, and they spread misinformation about medical testing ( not saying everything they say on the topic is a lie but something they talk about is an outright lie like how there is no medical benefits to animal testing because if that was true why would Labs pay to keep animals around to test on them if it didn't benefit medical research) so I don't really think PETA has a leg to stand on.

AA Ron

Dislike waretz

Callum McNulty

I remember WC and WC gaming used to be my favourite channels, but the videos have become soulless; no personality whatsoever. That and all of their virtue signalling BS fries my nut.

Sidney VanDyke II

I loved Whimseyshire!!! I found it hilarious and allways hoped that was where I ended up when killing a Phasebeast. I hope Phasebeasts are back in Diablo IV. BIG opportunity to sell us great levels through the Phase Portals. Who wants to buy a 5 pack of themed levels for the Phase Portals? I 100% do. Would make multiple playthroughs so exciting when you are suddenly being attacked by Robots? Thanksgiving Turkeys Revenge? Santa's workshop? Phasebeast level choices are 100% unlimited. Take my money please.


I've never heard anyone say "DIE-uh-blow". I've always heard the language-of-origin correct "dee-AH-blow".


SNK was so stupid for trying to blame piracy for lacking sales. How about it's because there are only two characters 95% of the gaming community remember from their games: Mai Shiranui and Terry Bogart. SNK fans are an absolute fraction of the fanbase of Capcom's fighting games.

Abell Seyfu

Judgement, in turn Acceptance, are fallacies because one is Informed and Functions under a unique Gold Standard birthed amongst varying blends of cultures and religions, not a vacuum🎈

michel cary

Heyyy I’m the 326 like 👍

Nerdy Boy

10 games which looks like kids game but are for adults

Sam Cook

I haven't made a video game yet, but I did get back at one jerk in high school by putting his name in one of my books as a character who gets killed by a random soldier of the main antagonists, and instead of feeling heartbroken about it like he would with most other civilians around him, one of the main protagonists based on myself shrugs it off and says, "Ehh, I was going to kill him anyway."


10 video games where the world/lore is the star of the show.


Love that PETA (Peter) was pronounced PETA (Payter) in the same video as a DeeAblo/DieAblo comment.

David Fitzpatrick

5:25 Yeah sorry but Im on the side of Pokemon for this one. Why the heck is PETA a organization that looks after animal cruelty going after A FICTIONAL GAME WITH FICTIONAL CREATURES WHEN THERE IS ACTUAL ANIMAL ABUSE TO FIGHT??? Plus them making a game that mocks Pokemon using their creation is copyright infringement.


Honestly, I liked Driv3r.

Edwin Jaudon Jr

Damn I loved Driver