ACKO Platinum Plan With 1 CRORE Sum Insured | ACKO Insurance *HONEST Review* | Gurleen Kaur Tikku

Introducing ACKO Platinum Plan with 1 CRORE sum insured. The 1 Crore ACKO Platinum Plan with a high sum insured value of ₹1 Crore has been designed to cover you from day 1 and takes care of 100% of your hospital expenses.

In this video , we have discussed the eligibility criteria & features of 1 Crore ACKO Platinum Plan & also discussed the Exclusion.

The main highlight of this plan is: ✅ Zero waiting period ✅ Zero deductions at claim


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Disclaimer : Information presented in this video is for educational purpose only. It may not necessarily be taken as financial, legal or any other type of advice. It is not as per individual needs, objectives or financial situation of any particular person.The video is based on 17 years of experience of Financial industry.
It is based on researches from various books, internet etc and may include opinions of one or more persons who may or may not be the part of Hareepatti.
Gurleen Kaur Tikku or any other team member of Hareepatti will not hold be held responsible as this is not to be considered as personal finance advise.The video does not mean to hurt anyone’s sentiments or spread rumours of any sorts.Viewers should do their own due diligence before taking any action based on the video.

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Aaditya Vyas

Hello Gurleen Ma'am I would like to advice you to take UIIC PLATINUM Plan in consideration as well which is little bit similar like this… Moreover I request you to make a Video / Short on information regarding Porting Group Policy {Policy taken through Bank Or taken by Employer} to Normal Individual Policy.. is it Possible

Agnibho Mondal

Please mam, review digit health insurance(Super Care Option (Direct)

Srishty Sharma

Ma'am could you please make a video for best insurance policy available for Senior citizens(Parents). Thanks.

Mukesh Gupta

Madam aap ka maine sara video lagbhag dekh liya.madam mere dimaag me ek policy hai Bajaj Allianz health guard platinum for 10 lakh SI. But iska review ya koi bhi details aapke channel par mughe nahi mila… because your video is superb and you are best adviser in health insurance So I confused bazaj Allianz is good or not?? Kindly madam clear this point.

Raghvendra Singh

Mam..plz compares all best companies CSR and ICR. Helpfull for us.
And ur work is more appreciable ☀️
Keep shining on.

Guruprasad Padsalgi

Hello mam i request you to compare 1cr health insurance polices of diff companies 🙏

Jitendra Singh Jambe

Superb Video

Bhavik Agarwal

Ma'am honestly speaking u deserve more subscribes
I hope that At the end of December u reached till 100k subscriber atleast ….
Thank you for helping people by giving right information

shubham pandey

There is only two problem in this plan 1st they are not assure for life long renewal and 2 is that premium will each year decide by their actuarial,if you claim then your premium amount will increase.

vinayak jain

what about pre existing diseases waiting periods?


can you share what is the claim settlement ratio and ICR?




Hello Gurleen ji… Kisi bank k through policy sasta milra BOI and pnb kya waisa Lena recommended hai..kya continuity benefit risk me hota hai ?


Gurleen ji.. kya co pay jo ek health insurance company me Dene ko kaha , kya main wo 2nd health insurance company se sirf co pay claim krsakte hai

anant nimbalkar

I would request Gurleen mam to do a comparison between Niva Bupa Recharge, Navi super top up and this Acko super top up plan so that customer will have a better clarity

anant nimbalkar

It is a super top up plan where if you do not have an existing insurance, then minimum 1 lakh deduction needs to be taken. But still it's a good top up plan.

Sasanka sekhar Rauta

Mam sbi General persional accidental insurance plan per video ????

Jyoti Satapathy

Care supreme please




Please please make a compare video on NIA Yuva vs NIA digital vs national young india

Arnab Pal

Care supreme plan vedio madam

virendra patil

Care helth par bana do mem





Eddie Payeng

Ma'am.. Almost every insurance companies do not offer OPD expenses in their policies. Yet their polices cover Pre Hospitalisation. This has confused me for quite some time as before hospitalisation naturally (in most cases) the person would have to visit OPD where the doctor would ask him to do some tests, diagnose him and only thereafter recommend him to get himself hospitalised.
My question is will the policy cover these expenses? Would they fall under pre hospitalization and be covered? Or they would fall under OPD and therefore not fall under the ambit of pre hospitalisation ??? Thanks.

Anuj Roy

Thanku so much mam. You have always been helpful🙏🙏

Bald and Nomad

Isn't it too good to be true?

Yasin patel

Can acko be trusted mam?

Insurance k liye hum hamesha Claim settlement ratio dekhte hai and Brand name too

Customer service kesi hai wo b Important hai..