ADLEY & NiKO CAR WASH 🧼 Adley's the Boss! washing neighbor cars to stay cool, kids Summer Vacation

we clean cars, motorcycles, AND people 🧽🧼


HEY EVERYBODY!! Adley’s CAR WASH is OPEN 🧼 Today me and my best friend Alli decided to start a car washing business for everyone in the neighborhood. First things first we had to make some signs! We colored a BUNCH of posters and hung them all over the neighborhood so people would know about it! Next we made a BIG sign for us to wave on the side of the street. After all of our marketing materials were made we gathered all of our supplies. We needed sponges, brushes, water, soap, cleaner, etc. It took us a while to get all set up.. but when were were finished we were ready for business. Right as we were about to open we got 2 new employees, Mom and Niko! but Adley is the Boss still! As soon as we opened we got our FiRST patient / customer! He was riding a motorcycle not a car, but I told him that we can wash those too! While we were washing his bike he stopped us because he forgot his lunch in the trunk.. but it was just a bowl of cereal which was probably yucky since it was a hot day! After we finished cleaned his motorcycle we had another customer show up, she has a really dirty car but we made it look good as new again! Our last customer of the day wanted our specialty deal!! He wanted us to wash his car AND him.. so I washed the car while my assistant Niko washed the customer. Buy the end of the day our car wash business turned into a giant water battle.. but we had a ton of fun doing it!

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*

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