AirPods Pro 2, iOS 16 Public Beta, iOS 15.6 RC, iPhone 14 and More

AirPods Pro 2, iOS 16 Public Beta, iOS 15.6 RC, iPhone 14 and more | Apple News Weekly

iOS 16 Public Beta soon, iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max production, AirPods Pro 2 more details, iOS 15.6 RC should be this week. iOS 16 Beta 3 expected this week. Apple Watch Series 8, App Updates and more. This is the Weekly Apple News update for July 4, 2022.

Apple iOS 16 Public Beta Website:

Apple Student Discounts:

White House Honors Steve Jobs –

M2 MacBook Pro 13 Unboxing, Comparison and First Look –

iOS 16 Beta 2 is Out! – What’s New? –

iOS 16 – Over 50+ More New Features, Changes and Updates –

iOS 16 – Every Feature That Won’T Work on Older iPhones –

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro – First Look –

***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:15 – Apple News
05:19 – TikTok
07:38 – iOS 16 Public Beta and Beta 3 Release
08:10 – iOS 15.6 RC and Public Release
08:41 – iPhone 14 and 14 Pro
09:50 – Apple Watch
10:49 – Apple TV
11:16 – AirPods Pro 2
12:10 – iPad
12:50 – Mac
13:10 – Conclusion
13:34 – Outro

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What do you think about TikTok and will you be installing iOS 16 Public Beta? Thanks for watching, it is always appreciated.

Pratyussh Singh

My first iPhone is 13 pro max

John Q’Public

Had the original. My daughter used money from her sweet sixteen, to buy it for me. I have many since.


My iPhone (Apple) journey started with iPhone 4, since that I have had all iPhones and so much more, but Apple Fanboy was born with iPhone 4 😆


I’m good with my 12 promax I’ll be holding out for the iPhone 20

Ben Law

My first iPhone was the iPhone 3GS I absolutely loved it
My current phone is iPhone XR and I still think it’s great even 4 years later

James Baker

I’ve really enjoyed iPadOS 16 so far but it’s been very buggy – more so than iOS 16 on my iPhone. I have high hopes that beta 3 will be a big stability improvement as we get closer to public beta. 🤞🏼

Jake Bennett

About time I purchase a new iPhone. I’ve been using my SE original up till now.
If OS16 isn’t available for my phone I’ll upgrade.
Thanks again for your uploads. Always a joy to watch and informative.
Jake. 👍🏻

James Fiegel

OLED 32" iMac M3 Pro ….will wait for that 🙂

Hector Bedoya

My 1st iPhone was 3G, I still have it and it works but the home button needs fixing.


Cover Flow sucks

Ashwin Karthigayan

first was iphone 3gs

Bram Van Achteren

The iOS 16 public beta is coming today?


I want to get the iPhone 14 pro max. It would be my 1st iPhone. For 12 yrs the flagship Samsung models has treated me great. Never once any issue or problem. This weekend seemed like every one who has an iPhone either is presently having or had an issue needing repair or full replacement for a defective device. What am I getting in to? Is the iPhone a hyped high profile piece of junk? Confused and disheartened. Thanks

Nazrin Alaudin

no comment for apple sleep monitoring app? cheap watch more excellent than apple watch.

Kreiger Bailey

Portland, JAMAICA in The Building !!!

C. Rosenfeld

I can’t wait for AirPods pro 2

Jeff Terrell

I don’t think health sensors belong on AirPods!

Jay White

I’m getting the iPhone 14 max midnight 512GB 📱

Ron de Goey

My first iPhone was the iPhone 3G, which I bought from my brother in law for €50,- 😂 That got me hooked on Apple and since then I've had the 3GS, 5C, 5s, SE 2016 and 11 which I now have (almost for bargain prices though 😉 )


I’m in the military and TikTok not leaving my phone 😂


I really think TikTok is a waste of time and technological ability.
I have tried to download beta 16 but it was but it has been stuck at 15.5 on a iPhone 7plus .This I was using for beta because of your advise of not using your main phone as the beta tester . I did once and had problems . I have gotten left behind on the beta tests though.
Thanks for your advice well done .

nic abc

(Gurman of Bloomberg reported that the first public beta “should be out the week of July 11.”) 🤔

Nuzhath Sultana

iPhone 5 was my first phone


I get my first iPhone 6

Danny D

Qualcomms modems are anyways better, proud to use not their own modems


Good Job Aaron 👍 love your work always enjoy watching your videos 👍


i remember back in the day he had vine i remember that was gone from the app store how his younger brother is now also going from the app store R I P tick tock

Nikola Nikov

They also added Bulgarian language, I don’t know why no one is talking about that


I started out on a used iPhone 4 back 2012 running iOS 5