Alone Hunting Fish For Food – SOLO CAMPING Uninhabited Islands – Catch And Cook

Surviving the first night solo camping with the new boat didn’t quite go to plan😅 But it’s when things go wrong that the real adventure begins. Catch and cook fish and a night under the stars and tropical island hopping. Nice!

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Andre Meyer

Hi Rod. Nice boat and load up.
What was that black hand held gadget that you looked at while fishing?
Every boat has its advantages and disadvantages but like you say trial and error is the only way to learn.
Hope you got some fish for the family and as allways a pleasure watching your vidios.

Wayne_Oh - kayak fishing

Nice one man. That estuary looks the goods for jacks!!
Anchoring seems super tricky.
Coral looks amazing at that point.

Jacob Smith

Love the vids mate, just wondering where you founds that waterproof bucket with the fly screen lid? Can’t find it anywhere

Mauka To Makai

Yew! Cheers for the vid mate!

High Alpine

that sand spit became a sand mountain

Mark Grygorcewicz

Just had a realisation that I have YouTube on my TV…..
Sitting watching you on 75inch… makes your adventures sooooooo much more….

Nikki and Andrew Callow

Back to Basics dont even rate a mention in comparison to your content mate. You are real, unedited and straight up, and don't need some bikini clickbait to get us to watch. Hope to see you down at Palmy one day mate.

Dylan Nazer-Lamb

Hi Rod mate have you ever considered using sea water when you forget the salt? Either evaporate a small amount in the pan or just adding a little bit water and all? Delgaze the frypan and drizzle over the fish at the end? I tried yelling it at the TV today but you ended up making something that looked even more delicious. 😂

Also have you considered a two anchor with pulley system for the new boat. So you can hang one anchor out deeper, motor into the beach and chuck another up high and dry. Then use the pulley to send the boat out to deep water for the night?

Love your work and please don’t ever change what your doing unless it’s what you want to do. I can only speak for myself but you doing you and making mistakes and being real is what makes your channel so special for me mate.

Chelsea Australia

Not sure why not cook the fish in soy sauce which will give you the salt 😂


`love it no music boat noises wind surf sound nice chatter reel sounds and fish so sleep and cook on the boat


reality is you boy keep it up


I had a feeling watching the last vid that you would have some issues trying to sleep on shore. I worked a bit on small boats tending urchin and abalone divers, the main issue you need to worry about with near shore sleep aboard is dragging anchor in swell or wind. If it gets really windy and you drag anchor it can move very quickly, and if a side shore current changes direction the amount of anchor line out can put you on the beach. Just be careful and conservative in how you anchor near shore. Leaving your boat anchored to go onshore or for a swim, take communications with you, never leave everything on the boat and go dive. Take your phone in a waterproof case or your EPRB, you had a radio for the kayak, take that, take something but never ever just leave the boat with nothing while solo far from the mainland.


I love watching your videos Rod, thanks for making so many of my nights end in a relaxed place. I hope you and the family are well!!

Joy Apparatus

Love this channel. Thanks for the videos Rod


''Because I dont have salt and pepper it's going to be a bit bland'' – gets the cabbage, garlic, onion, soy, mayo, wasabi out. Funny bloke. Great video though! One of the coolest fishing yt's out there.

Mark Docken

Love the sound of the water under the boat as it rocks while you enjoy your catch 🥰. I am hoping you keep doing lots of meals on the beach though. The scenery is always beautiful and more interesting than the boat. Even though it's a sick boat 😜🙏

Who Is Gavin

Hey bro. You can boil off seawater to make salt 🤙

dunda dunda

What boat this that

Chronic Awareness

hes starting to look like jack sparrow lol


Just curious but how long can you hold your breath?


Why don’t you use a Gemini Genie Swivel and Link Clip ,save you having to tie every lure

The Real MrCods 🗸

You up near Yellow Patch, Curtis Island Rod?

🧂💧🧂💧🧂If you forget salt again in the future, you can grab seawater in a pot and cook it down. Evaporate the water and you are left with seasalt. It's surprising the yeild and how easy it is (so long as the seawater source it clean…and you should be pretty sweet out there)

sosa santito

hey Rod..loved all your videos and the way you handle the bounty of nature was amazed safe always!..watching from Aotearoa..cheers

Fakey McFakers

Are there many fish in the area you'd be put off shooting just because they taste bad?