[Android/IOS] Fall World (陨落世界) #1 – Survive Dinosaurs Like Durango Gameplay

[Android/IOS] Fall World (陨落世界) – Survive Dinosaurs Like Durango Gameplay

“Fall World” will open the Android version of the first test at 14:00 on August 31st. This test lasts for 8 days, and the test ends formally at 14:00 on September 7. At that time, we will shut down the server and clear all survivor files.

►► Total Size: ~230MB

► Download (Need Code To Play Game):

#FallWorld #Durango #Survive




►► Mail: thienthanhanhphuc1@gmail.com

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How to download this game

Bryan Agustin

should have entitle Foul World


Durango was such a good game, the battle mechanics was a breath of fresh air even though its also has its drawbacks. Dont get me wrong, i like last day on earth but all these "New Games" so-called the next Durango or like Durango is bs. Durango was a one of a kind game, no games on mobile that can take its place unless its from the same team behind Durango.

dragon mazter

This isn't like a Durango
This more like Last Day On Earth

dragunov 1

Prefiero mucho mas el durango

Jackalyn Beck

This looks great! I really miss Durango, will this game go live ever?

Cod Xedi

Rip off

Sam Antoni

this one not even close to durango rip off game.
But anyone knows the games like durango out there ??

Jose Jimenez

No part of this game is like durango except the dinos

Nguyễn Huỳnh đăng khoa

Anh ơiiii game số 3 sao ko tải dc

Muhammad Al Qayyum Ajmal bin Risab

Why there was no Durango rip off game😭 many game claiming gameplay like durango but not a single one even close to Durango.

Scorpion King

DURANGO ….. !!!


Nah, it's like Last Day on Earth, not Durango. Durango was unique and way better than all LDoE clones.
Are the orange gems here ripped off from Durango?


как и где скачать расскажи

Gaming Genes

But looks like this one also no longer available? Is this type of game offending the Reptilians on this planet Earth? O.o

Joshua Quash

durango is the coolest

Marko Deric Torio

Nope Durango is better

Muslima Gamer

whats the use best game on android ever " DUrango " not every one can play it i m in uk i want to play it but i can not 1st its not avalible for world 2nd not in english . why do all the hard work when its been yearsssss but wont release for the whole wide world. seems like no choice left but to play worst android games lol.

Muslima Gamer

i dont know what is the problum with game makers these days if same game is already there they should do somthing diffrent to get more users or players like make it in english or somthing other game doesnt have wonder what they get repeating same mistakes lol

Một Lẽ Có Lý

Only This game character bikini kkk

Darksmokzx Jr

how to change the language into english bro

Fiin 2552


Fiin 2552

How to pick the codr

ArchivingMy collectionvideos

It's a direct copy of Durango




What is this games name

P h ò n g t ô m

Không tải được bạn ơi

Kazitoki Silent Killing

Wau this look cool but still not have english vesion

Fiin 2552

How to download

sir grows

last day on durango

Soft Games

Online Multiplayer???

Lourd Sevilla

Durango is remove from the play store :< i have so much item in there :<


durango still the best