Angry Cop Intentionally Pins Man With His Truck, Crushing His Legs – Salt Lake City Police

Salt Lake City Police Hired Officer Caygle even after his horrible history at Ogden Police department.

Theodore Donny Channel

Lackluster channel

Salt Lake City Utah Police officer Thomas Caygle intentionally uses his truck to pin a man when he got angry after rear ending the man in the traffic. He was believed to be under the influence of drugs and or alcohol. He then walks around casually without handcuffs on while he chats with former colleagues from his former Odgen Utah Police department.

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Hey guys, it's Tijuana from the future, here to tell you how this case worked out, in the end. The department investigated themselves, and found no wrong doing. The driver was charged with felony knee assault, of a truck bumper. The officer was given more firearm training, so in the future he doesn't have to use his truck to kill people, and risk scratching it.

Alfonzo Camero

Love the fact any other motor vehicle assault suspect would be seize at the every least not arrested seized for the fact he literally intentionally hit a man. But nope these cops let him walk around freely because he worked for them should tell you the bias of cops and how they treat citizens completely different than their own. This isn't just stopping some random guy off the road there's videos witnesses and the literal dude himself admitted it.

Dumpster Jerry

Drinking snd driving is stupid, he should loose it all for what he did while intoxicated

Steve Netts

Everyone of them make me sick !


The man whose legs are crushed, put a lot of time and effort in learning how to walk

US Patriot

Don't drive drunk as.hole!!!!

Dingo Destroys 518

My brothers a cop. They will do everything they can to let their buddies off. Every time you are in the vicinity of a police officer your life is in danger.

Mr Chill

5:15 You don’t deserve to retire on our tax dollars you drunken criminal leech.


#ACAB this man "Tyrant" should lose his freedom, rights and job.. not to mention his future in any public sector… this cop proves all cops are shit people!

Robert Gantry

Rotten pigs….

Mark Bonnell

A one ton is a 3500 not a 2500

Alan Baxter

HOW on earth could a serious emergency have ANY conflict of interest ?, Get to the emergency and deal with this you lazy good for nothings


I saw this video when it uploaded and it was horrific. I'm so glad that Theodore contacted LackLuster or vice-versa to put a spotlight on this cop. So many cops hide their illegal activities behind Qualified Immunity, which clears them.

Steven Haettich

Police are not your friend in salt lake.


don't worry I'm sure the taxpayers will pay for the impending lawsuit as well as the cops pension which we know isn't going anywhere when he's allowed to resign.


Thin BLUE line. Above the law. At the taxpayers' expense.


The police department investigated themselves and found that there was no wrongdoing.

Flat Out

He's worried about his paycheck while the victim is worrying if he will ever walk again.
Heartless greedy and corrupt makes sense that he was a cop. Really surprised he didn't engage then just call it self-defense.

Karen Payne

That for sharing this. Subbed to his channel. What a deplorable cop. Drunk, has a weapon, intent on harming or killing the victim.
Another blue line gang member…criminal.


That is the most misleading manipulative out of context title ever! One step away from clickbait; good job

Cool Carl

A vicious assault… hopefully they did a blood draw on this psycho…but I'm not holding my breath