Assassin's Creed Valhalla- Opal Reset 6/9/22

It’s that time of the week where we do insane stuff for a few opals! And by the way, don’t get worried, as the counts keep coming in late. We have a tattoo and a few opal challenges, as well as our community challenge. We have a few weird challenges, but I’ll get you through it!
Check out Skatha’s Video on the window Assassinations:
Check out my video on playing Orlog:
Also check out my hilarious review of the IRL Orlog Game!:

Dark Retro:

Dark Shadow:

Darkstrider Mobile!:

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Christopher Graham

If you just flick the trigger (light shot) when aiming at a snakes neck, it will only take half damage. Then use your raven, this way will save one bar of adrenaline. You will occasionally one hit a snake but if you go to one of the many “farms” you should get your numbers quickly.

Willow FlowerChild

Thank you SO MUCH for this video with the window in Sussex trick ! I’m logging on now to get that done


Hi I need help about how to farm materials fast

Broken Bridge

Some of these are going to be long n annoying.


Omg 50 kills in the most buggy way…. Great this should be fun


Great! Game is bugged, and my raven kills & drinking games don't count! Not sure I want to attempt the window kills.


50 window assassinations for a back tattoo. 😂😂😂. Nope lol


Do you play on any special stealth setting? I only ask because I was also trying to whistle more guards to the window but all they did was freak out in place and point. I play default stealth settings but am willing to change to whatever to make them more intelligent.


Thanks for the shout out and outstanding info video once again my brother, btw uploading a updated video for window kills 😉😉 spoiler alert, same location as you showed


Thank you for showing me the location to go to for defenestrations! 🙂


That window assassination gonna take a while …

Lars Solvang

There is some issues with it again, can't claim/count the challenges, again…