August 4, 2022 Long Island Metro Fishing Report with Matthew Broderick

This is the time of the year to head east for your best shot at a trophy fluke. Not to say you can’t pull at fish over 10 pounds in a bay …

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Bill Sharpe2

Can anybody send me the Law that says it's against the law to Forage for food? Or you need permission or a license to Forage for food? Look up the definition for forage.

Can anybody send me the law that says it's against the law to travel or navigate the seas without a license?

I'm using the word law because the law is different than statute codes policies or regulations because statute codes policies and regulations or executive orders are not law, also for your information the definition of a crime is that there must be an injured or damaged party, if there is no injured or damaged party there cannot be a crime.

Petey N.Y.

Thanks guys and thanks Rich for the weather forecast and Sea Temps! 💪😎🇺🇸


Chum they come fish 🐟 on