Australia Maritime Strategy

Australia is highly reliant on sea trade for its economic growth and security. However, its small population doesn’t allow for a big oceanic navy. The increasing expansion of the Chinese Navy in the Pacific, picture China as challenging the after 2WW established status quo. For Australia, it is thus vital to rely on Strategic Partnerships and allies.

Table of content
00:00 Australia’s Strategic Environment
03:27 Australia Reliance on the Seas
04:57 Australia need of allies
08:15 Australia Strategic Partnerships
10:49 AUKUS
Many thanks to Jasper and Edward for their great help

1: OEC,
2: Australia Maritime Safety Agency,
3: Australia 2020 Defence White Paper Update,


2016 Defence White Paper:

George Friedman:

James Holmes:

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Script editing by Edward King Grey

Music: Debunking by Yuzzy

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Guy H

This certainly makes a change from the other commentators on the Internet who claim to be experts on Australia but actually know nothing about Australia.
The only things I would add are that the AUKUS technology transfer agreement is also designed to make Australia a more self reliant partner for the US in the Indo-Pacific (Nuclear propulsion technology is just the start) and that some say that the US has benefited more over the years from the secret bases on Australian territory such as Pine Gap and North West Cape than Australia has.
On that theme, France is so stretched worldwide that she benefits more from the signed "Australia/France Strategic Partnership" in terms of meeting her commitments to her million plus citizens in the South Pacific than Australia does.
Perhaps you could do a video on Britain's return to the Indo-Pacific under Boris Johnson's Global Britain which has a lot to do with the British enthusiasm for AUKUS. Johnson believes that the decision to withdraw from East of Suez five decades ago was a mistake. "East of Suez" was also not well received in Australia by the right of centre government of the day.

Jimmy H

A topic on Singapore soon? 😄

mark stephen Ong

If this channel continues to make top quality and informative videos.. your gna pass a million subs in no time.


Why Australia does not build a capability to refine its own oil? Therefore bringing crude directly from the Gulf to Australia would be skipping two chokepoints out of three and be less dependable on a capability in a vulnerable location.

Matt English



i have a feeling this channel might be the next caspian report……
at least by the quality of the work so far….. 😀




Was actually really good! I look forward to more. Subbed.

R Arbuckle

Australia is roughly the size of China with 5% of China's population and none of the financial fakery. China's real economy is similar to Australia's economy. The rest of China's economy is smoke and mirrors.

Christian Troy

Very educational, thank you

Brian Fullerton

Comment for the algorithm.

Gyula Lakatos Sapunaru

Greatest video ever,smart and loved 🌍💓🇺🇲👍🗾💓

Jon ‘jaixzz’ S C

So! Austràlian governments seem to have made a catalogue of monstrous errors of value judgement in collaborating with the Parasitical Repressives of China — and now who has to pick up the pieces of the free world❔AUKUS😎FFS


just lapdog for America imperialism.

Jon ‘jaixzz’ S C

So! Austràlia seems to have made a monstrous error of judgement in helping the Parasitical Republic of China — so now who has to pick up the pieces of the free world❔AUKUS😎FFS


"[Australia's] main economic and political interests"

*circle dodges Tasmania

Tasmanians: Yeah, that's about right… 🙁

Frank Aslin


Geoffrey Charles

Why doesn't Australia have enough capacity to refine its oil?

Geoffrey Charles

How do Australians feel about Europe and Europeans? Are they like Americans that know their ancestors came from Europe or do they have some form of additional identity? Also how on earth doesn't a developed country like Australia have enough capacity to refine oil for its needs and counts on Singapore?

Catro Jana

When is Asstralia gonna be kicked out of Asia. ?



Manifest destiny


All good in theory however history shows that the US gave Australia scant assistance when Japan attacked Darwin via PNG in 1942. In fact HRH General Macarthur turned out to be more of a hindrance than a help. If Australia was attacked by China, presumably for resouces, would America help or join the looters? Australia has provided troops to assist the US in most of it's wars since WW2 incl. Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afganistan. Bill Clinton offered no US troops to assist Australian peacekeeping in East Timor.


As an Aussie the shift is almost 10 years over due. Rudd our PM with a Chinese understanding was concerned back when PM. Now he is basically screaming at Australia to get a move on to stand firm against China. Before 2010 china was a country you could work with, now it’s just a thug and a bully.

Patricia Williams

Thank you for another informative and accurate video, Kamome! I hope that your future work will go into a bit more detail though. 😀

Lawrence Ralph

AU strategy is to stay friends with US and UK.

Jeffrey FinlandHolland

Love this. Do Ukraine once

Frank Cooper

with china …..australia is stuffed.

Darby Heavey

The UK punches above it’s weight….AUS is like a light heavyweight with a glass jaw and a poor jab.

Waverly Duli

A succinct and clearly presented overview of Australia's strategic position, its background and current realities. Thank you for fine work. I look forward to more of this standard.