Awesome Day On The Water – Multi-species Fishing w/ Shrimp and Lures

Thank you all so much for watching!!

Tight Lines,

Salt Strong Dr. Juice (get a FREE bottle!!)

3″ Z-man swimbait, (pinfish color)
jig head, 1/4 ounce

Bottom Sweeper Jig,

How I get my music
Fishing Pants
my kayak shoes, Columbia water/boat shoes

Shimano Baitrunner D Spinning Reels
Rod, 7′ heavy action dark matter spinning rod
Line, 40lb braid
30 and 40lb fluoro

Dark Matter Psychedelic Green Rod,
Reel, Daiwa Ballistic 4000
Line, 10lb braid
Leader, 40lb fluoro

Daiwa BG MQ 6000
Daiwa Back Bay 7’6″ Spinning Rod medium heavy
40lb Daiwa Braid

Camera Stuff,
Drone, DJI Mavic Air two
Drone fly more bundle
Gopro Hero 10
Gopro Hero 9
Head mount,
gripping tripod,

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#fishing #florida

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North Florida Saltwater Fishing

Great video. Black drum are probably my favorite inshore eating fish behind possible Sheepshead.

Tight lines 🎣

David Janitschek

You’re almost at 200k cuz!! Early congrats!! ❤ ~David

Tony Bowen

Ayee big fan you da man bro 💪🏽 I’m moving to Florida in February any fishing tips you got in store

j. s.

Nice 👍…any blue fish caught in there?

Guillermo R

awesome video, but just don't forget to mention the place where you are fishing


yo which hobie is that?

Nalentora Fishing

Fish on

The Hamptons butcher

Moriches in the 🏚


lol u had some fans out there!

Fishing Florida With KO


Brian Shrum

Loved watching this video and all of your videos Rich! Awesome content man, keep up the good work. Tight lines!

D Champ

Hey, do you know any good fishing spots in Tampa, Fl now? Preferably a beach area. I’m visiting my daughter in February and would like to take her. Thank you!


Grreat video some awesome catches.. I was born in LI and done allot of fishing there in my youth Moriches inlet, the jetty and shorem powerplant, port jeff and all over

Ian Lewis

Can you recommend an area along the east coast in April / May for some good fishing in either kayak or boat?

Malones Outdoors

Nice fishing! Love the vids! I always do well with shrimp. Keep fishing! 🤙


catch and release sooooo stupid

Steve C

Yo dude I’m down in WPB. Feel like fishing with a fan ? Take me with you bro.

The highlife123

Not a tarpon snook, But close!!! You got yourself a sword spine snook. The tarpon snook have some what of the thread on the dorsal fin (like a tarpon) but the two are almost identical

Drew and Charlie

I can totally tell this guy is an insufferable leftist just by the way he talks.

Mike Bojtor

Nice catch my friend 👌

Jay lane fishing

I swear drum are some of my favorite fish simply because they look high all the time and they are swimming around looking for munchies

David Harvey

Where u get ur kayak

blackman 33

Rich thanks for the video again bro awesome day to go with you on the trip. fish to live live to fish.

Isaac N

Wow that’s a huge croaker

John Brown

You pulled up some real tasty fish there. That croaker and black drum are super tasty! Great inshore fishing! Thanks for the content.

Csaba Siska

You set your fishing and filming standards pretty high for yourself but you are always able to keep them up. Love your channel.

Michael Cohen

Awesome video!

David g bow n trail cameras Outdoors

Looking forward to buying one of those hard shell hold Downs this season can't wait to buy and tested out


Some really big croakers there, nice black drum too. Nice to see that trout, when I moved to PSL in 2014 I used to get them pretty much everywhere I fished in the Indian river now I rarely see them.

J Acosta

Yes it is a tarpon snook, the big eyes are the distinction.

CJ Mouring

You gotta fish im crystal river

Chris D

How fast does the foot paddle make ya go? I wanto go buy one haha


Hurt my heart to watch you release those beautiful drum. 20 inch black drum are some of the best there is…. Phew

Richard Warfield

Big ol Horse Croaker – used to catch em that big up here in MD. Great vid Rich

Emanuel Moreira

Hi, awesome video man! What cooler do you use?

H Stetser

Was indeed a tarpon snook

Jason Osler

Those black drum are excellent eating

Josean Molina Baez

Awesome video Rich! Hey bud, I just purchased a Old Town Sportsman PDL 106 Kayak. I got it all rigged up and ready to fish. Got a Lowrance Hook Reveal 5 finder on it too. I live in Central Florida. I used to go fishing at the Sebastian Inlet a lot. But unfortunately the Sebastian Inlet is not so good for kayak fishing. Can you suggest a good fishing spot for me to take out my brand new kayak and try it out for the first time? Preferably a spot like the one in this video, with structure and not too many waves on the water.

Reese Johnson

You should try some offshore fishing like down in pompano beach if you paddle out about 1.5 miles you can get into 2-300 feet of water


Tarpon-snook have the big eyes as well.
Love your videos. You crush it!

Swamp Monster

Unfortunately over the last 20 years the nasty catfish have increased more and more here in the IRL system. Some days it's hard to get a lure or bait past them. I live just north of you here in Brevard County. Enjoy your videos.

mike wasniewski

It's a fish!