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Gecko and the Mech’s Halloween decorations start to disappear… something spooky is going on!

Gecko’s Garage is an animated entertainment series for children aged between 2 and 5 set in a colorful world that’s jam-packed with friendly vehicles, helper robots and a mechanic called Gecko.

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00:00 Intro
00:09 Baby Truck’s First Visit
02:51 Baby Fire Truck
05:02 Muddy Mechanicals Railway Mystery
07:11 Bouncy Monster Truck
09:13 Eric the Excavator’s Service
11:14 Balloon Tyres
13:22 Soft Play Boo Boo Recycle
15:31 Zig Zag Bobby
17:35 Gecko is Stuck in Glue
19:29 Don’t Throw It… Fix Up and Fly It!
21:35 Accidents Happen Helicopter
23:39 Weasel’s Wheels
25:49 Gecko is Frozen
27:50 Weasel Wash Gone Wrong
29:56 The Mystery Box
32:01 Gecko’s Accident
34:05 Flying Birthday Party Cake
36:09 Magnet Mayhem
38:11 Rainbow Mechanicals Hide and Seek

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