Balance | Marvel Studios' She-Hulk: Attorney at Law | Disney+

“What else you gonna do as a Hulk?”

Only TWO WEEKS to go until Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk: Attorney At Law starts streaming August 18, only on Disney+.

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Diexstro X

Smashing! 💪😎


Don't complain about losing money if you keep make 'Women are better than Men at everything' movies. I'm a woman and it makes me want to gag, I will not part with my money for this..

Justin Varghese

RIP hulk (in my memories you are the strongest one i know)

Polar Crumpet

I saw this in a video and they had a theory that since in the final battle of endgame Strange asked Wong if that was everyone so Wong is recruiting everyone so for the next portal scene in Secret Wars everyone will be there

Strange: Is that everyo-
Wong: Hell yeah it is

elon musk

marvel we need the world war hulk not a bruse baner hulk 😒😒😒

A Sad Slowpoke

Wong is taking Stan Lee's cameo now 🤣

Screenplay App

I like the fact that this looks so fun. Court show episodes are always great, now we get an entire series of it.

William G

I love Hulk super hero solo film announcement World War Hulk 💚

DERA • 9y ago

We need Wong series!!


I love how the sorcerer supreme just shows up out of nowhere now. And what’s even better is knowing he’s sorcerer supreme on a technicality

Sebastian Pendragon

I start to wonder if Wong is acting babysitter for young avenger while they senior went somewhere

Fit-Tube Production

Thanks waching and enjoy my work im so glad 👍🏻

Me. I Am Derrick

This will be the BIGGEST Disney+ Marvel series. The amount of Hate/Love the show has garnered even before it has premiered is phenomenal.

Brianyd Araya

What the hell you doing to Hulk ?? A CGI clown

Agung Nugroho 983

Hulk and she hulk getting smaller 😒

Guess Who

0:22 From the studio that brought you Mass Effect Andromeda " "

🌹 Lora F-'ck M'-e - Check my P'ro'fi-le🌼

We need to start a petition for the vfx and CGI artists to be appreciated and compensated more than they are. Without them, no matter how good the story and acting, the movie/show would still suck. Big props to those guys




My favorite part of the trailer is when she says "IT'S HULKIN TIME" and hulked the universe.

Brooke 🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞

We need to start a petition for the vfx and CGI artists to be appreciated and compensated more than they are. Without them, no matter how good the story and acting, the movie/show would still suck. Big props to those guys

Frank Soutar

The irony of this balance is how completely unbalanced her powers are compared to the 3x the size of her counterparts.
You guys are letting ideology ruin your business. The entirely wrong side of history on this one.


Am I trippin or is the CGI in marvel movies/shows getting worse

shireen banu


Isn't she look like shrek instead of she-hulk at 0:20

Silvio Palmeiras Antunes dos Santos


Graphix IG™

*Me looking for any balance related spot scene*🧐🧐🧐🧐


MCU is seriously starting to suck, sick to death of the disney family friendly bs. Thor Love and Thunder is based if 1 of Thors most violent comic book runs and they made it a comedy. They're making Blade PG13 when everyone knows it needs to be R rated. I'm about ready to stop bothering with the MCU and just stick to the comics/source material instead of this Disney crap. Same with Star Wars, lightsabers are more like baseball bats today its ridiculous.

Lars L

She-Hulk: "We do it by the book"
Wong: looks eager and knowing "The book of Ashati!
She-Hulk: "The book of.. Uh.. American laws"

Loved this, demonstrates a great deal of humor. That's what the series need.


She has beautiful eyes. Insane


yesss…. as already stated by a somewhat famous movie and media critic: the sludge must flow.

this one I will sit out.. or wait until I watched all well written shows.

until then .. I ´ll go away now

Rohit Sharma

Wong is Nick Fury of phase 4

Paul Pieri

Wong is the new Stan lee level cameo

Krishna Baskaraputra

Hulk looks dumb

Lone wolf Luke

If the VFX artists don’t start getting paid I’m never watching anything Marvel related again. PERIOD!!!!

Sonic P135

Can't wait for She Hulk to be in the MCU!!!


As quoted by the director “A show made by women, for women”. That explains the blatant change in She Hulks origin and then emasculating and further diminishing The Incredible Hulk. What a winning formula thought up by egotistical feminists! This will be another mediocre at best show with a mediocre at best viewership. I’ll pass.

Merv's Tash


Varun Nayyar

Hulk is gonna be only in the scenes already shown in the trailer.

David VanBogelen

I really hope this isn't one of those "I've been a Hulk for 3 days and I'm already better than you cuz I'm a strong, independent woman" shows. Probably just another instance of Disney and the MCU doing every thing they can to bury and misuse Hulk. Look what they did to Sakaar. They took a gladiatorial wasteland and the start of World War Hulk (Planet Hulk) and turned it into a buddy-comedy and joke.

Brasil Quadrinhos

mulher hulk esta parecendo a feiona do shurek, marvel estar estragando tantos os vilões como os heróis, filmes do homem aranha na sony eram melhores que na ucm o homem aranha virou robin do homem de ferro , e thor amor e trovão foi um filme muito ruim meu deus .

Mr_ Throttler_47

Marvel is underated Hulk 🙁

NVA Pisces

Woah her hair grows longer in hulk form

Simply TachyTack

mommy she hulk

Mardon NaLou

I really want to see how crazy this gets.😀

im explain

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- [REBBECCA]🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌

It will always be an honors too see WONG in every MARVEL series or movie (I think it's killing moment for me)!!

Stephen Sharma



She protect us and she love us also she is hot❤️

Champion Editor