Becoming VOID APHMAU in Minecraft!

Aphmau stares into the void, and the void stares back!
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Pedro Ferreira


Tracey Norris

EINDo not bury KC

Mary Jane Caraqui-an

polad:i love polad
french:shut up!
polad:no you shut up and say i love polad!
french:ok ok! chill!
polad french:i love polad
polad french:boy wth (boy what the hell)!
polad:XD wellcome to the polad!
polad french:shut up you b*tch
polad ok ok! judt chill ok!
polad french:ok good sure
the end
me:boy what the fu-
me:aaa 😏 i al most say the bad word


Hey Jess i Saw That You Know how to Swim Press this》9:21

MsMae L

A void hahahaah

Vans De Bard

Everyone is A COPYCAT!!!

SovietRussiaHajime Anima

Void aphmau almost like the end of the novel of TTIGRAAS anime where he became the god of time and space and her appearance almost like alien x in ben 10

Lacika Kocsis

Omg aphmaus second strongest form cosmic aphmau
Strongest form:CAT

Alena Pilarczyk

Aphmaus Skin is Beutyful



Julie Mouser

I have your skin in Minecraft and evrybody

Julie Mouser

KC is ok but aphmau why are you not fixt

god killer ultra vegito

Could you call this a troll or a help if that is scripted??

• T A B B Y •

i hear that EIN said "Dang it!"

Beatrix Packer


geronimo alcantara

Tare lame keu peles dumea far
Fake u lame 🖕🟫

krystal joy valenzuela

Eeeeen. Noooooooooooooo

Zandile Moyo

First of all, there are no cures in the ancient city other than a golden apple and some other nice loot. Second, the minecraft warden is not pink and doesn't appear out of nowhere. Third of all, the warden one shots people NOT two or more! You can't just jump into the void and not die; what are you, a cursed minecraft explorer! WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO??!?! MAKE THE KIDS THINK EVERYTHING YOU DO IS TRUE!?!?! OMG! Anyways… Subscribe

Anne Villa

Jess, if you ever end up like this again, just stay like that, you look cool.❤

Anne Villa

Hi jess! I havent watched you in months!, so thats why i watched this vid!!!🎉


56th like. Very well played. Super clip. Very happy new year 2022. Musically yours. Greetings from Paris.

oiuet souiu

feel like they would make for good callbacks to Void Paradox, because that whole issue was left unresolved sadly

Andrea Garcia

I love the thumbnail

Barinza Bawgan

Hey Aphmau .I love your videos baida way my name's E.Haliun byebye

Aizes and Aiden Funtime

Minecraft stranger things be like: bc it’s like aphmau is Eleven and Kc is Max and Aph is going to her mind/void right it’s the same!

Bella Bella

Ein have you ever heard of respect


Aphmau will be anything he want


Is it just me or does that look like Irene