Biden’s border policies are ‘unequivocally’ against the law: Gov. Abbott

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott joined ‘Cavuto Live’ to discuss the Biden administration’s latest controversial border policy that will allegedly attract more migrants. #foxnews

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Max Smart

How’s that wall going that Trump promised? Oh wait 😂😂😂

Leona Leone

The criminal known as Biden should be arrested on the spot for Treason along with Garland!

Tisha Jennings

These people are frauds all of them this land belongs to the brown people nor these crooks end of story

Tisha Jennings

Nothing is going to happen


When your president spends 100 billion to defend another country's border and zero dollars on his own, there are only two possibilities, either he is an idiot or he has business with the fentanyl cartels.

Anthony Brouillard

Look media we already know that Everyone in our government is going to get away with everything.. We need Trump Is back in office

Kevin Dickerson

Joe-Abbott 2024

Kevin Dickerson

If joe get much better we need to make him legit-and permanent

Jason Gu

Neil Cavuto, could you be at least more trustworthy than trying to drive others away from Trump?




Mexican Americans that vote Democrat don’t know anything about Mexican Culture. Vote Republican
Los Mexicanos estadounidenses que votan a los demócratas no saben nada sobre la cultura Mexicana. Vota por el Republicano

Johnson Hill

Useless, have sent how many letter also receiving to silent, president is wanna give up politics agenda, problem border just see like present sending governor resolve; with

Combsway Way

Most corrupt administration in american history. That's socialism for you.

Denise Hood

What's taking so long to get Biden out before you can't move around in this country!! It's absolutely insane!!!

bob beck

Thank you Governor Abbott. We need passed this administration. The responsible, honest, God fearing Americans stand with you. There is no perfect government but this administration is sick.

Kathy Martin

Biden support to be a lawyer.
So he knows he's breaking the law.

Toni M Stewart-Garrett

Abbott needs to do more than talk.

David Garner

The democrats continue to violate the Constitution and nothing happens

David Garner

But the Democratic Party is using American tax dollars to secure the border in Egypt go figure

Big Mike


Big Mike

Don't forget to watch MAV in "Winter Camping in a Tiny Car – Beef Bourguignon" FDJT

Greg Mullins

It is still an infiltration of some dangerous people who could disrupt our nation. For example, if Trump were to be elected president these certain people could cause disruption to the infrastructure such as electricity , water, highways, cities structures or other infrastructure.

Donna Grantham

This president has to go we can endure more time with this a****

Cee Rawlins

Hey gop stop whining and WRITE SOME LEGISLATION

Reba Hughes

Well then why is it that the law can't be enforced even though he is ignoring it


Glad we have Abbott, I was sold when he got rid of those unconstitutional traffic cams that snap photos and send you a ticket in the mail. He kinda looks like Professor X. 🙂

Ken Cole

These people should be arrested and put in jail. In my opinion, and you know who they are!

Ken Cole

More fake news and perverted deception from the White House in my opinion!

Thomas Jonesman

one of the most corrupt adm, after obama adm. is any1 surprised?

Sherry H

Ok, bec biden's border policies are against the law, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Scipper Brice

8 letters to the president and he dont reply then its clear he cant handle the boarder crisis and should have no say how its handled . time hes impeached for not doing his job.


It's way to late the democrats have murdered thousands and thousands of Americans. Stop begging murders.
Murdering joebidin and Murdering cumala Harris are pure evil.


Venezuela is a small country.
The diaspora started about ten years ago.
The statistics,any source you like, show a decrease of seven million people up to 2020.
Maybe there are Venezuelans there but is a very small quantity.
Your border is with Mexico, they say.
Aim your weapons towards the Mexican cartels.


JOE Biden is a Democrat, so of course He's a Traitor.

CB Hamm

Handicapped people are so cute.


If you've ever watched the press secretary, or Mr. Mayorkas adamantly declare the border as secure (when both parties can see for themselves that they are NOT), they do so because they know the U.S. Constitution requires the president to protect America's sovereign borders.

Taylor Alexis

Why won't the states just close the borders already!! It's their job to do so when the tyrannical government fails to do so

Antonia Sealey


Richard Willette

Republicans can’t control a Republican run border state?