BUILDING A ONE PIECE CHARACTER TO BEAT LAW #trafalgarlaw #luffy #sanji #onepiece #onepieceanime

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Gran's edits

Boa literally has Conquer's haki and you placed her in strength


Sanji's speed and durability? Bruh u winning

David Kun 17

I would have changed Kizaru from Haki tu DF

Percise TIx

U messed up when u said boa for strength g

Mikołaj Madejek

Can you do 1st your strength and rest and then your opponent?


Law high diff

Ravage Dach



you should have put hancock in haki

yiğit aras öğdem

Law claps


Law Wins

subawoon jeb

i dunno, law basically outclasses sanji and boa in every way, and his haki while not the best is still great, and his df is op af, imma say law wins this high diff


boa haki!!!!! she has haoshoku

Varno Slimm

Boa's haki because she has conquers and we have yet to she her actually going all out.


Hancock is underrated. Movies are usually a good signifier of their current stregnth and she took attacks head to head by one of Rogers strongest combatants. Might not be Canon but it shows her level of stregnth. She can definitly handle law in a battle of stregnth.

Now if we're talking Haki, we have seen the level admirals are at and there's no way Law is there yet even with his Awakened fruit which he can only use 2 times tops. Pair it up with sanjis speed and he's getting beat for sure.


are people forgetting sanji is pretty much the fastest character in one piece and is now one the most durable?????? Law fruit is hax but law hasn’t shown any speed feats to say he is on sanji level, also didn’t pre wano doffy casually speed blitz law lol, it’s not like laws awakening made him any faster or stronger, just made his df more better


Never heard any feats of kizaru haki but since law awakened his fruit tour done ur combat butt 😭


I think law might still win

Sofus Kjær

Bruh boa hancock has all types of haki

Rayon Graham

Jesus loves you repent

Frank Jurus

Magellan df gonna fuck him


What this idiot keeps doing…. cringe


Law wins high to extreme diff

Just some guy with a really nice bowler hat

Law wins mid-high diff


I chose sanji strenght and speed chopper iq,magellan durabilty kizaru df,boa haki and corazon skill

Dylan Perry

Bro shoulda taken Hancock’s df, Sanji would lose instantly

Darwin Reyes

df is obsolete cause ope ope

Darwin Reyes


Dynnemite head


Lyndon Bergen

Does nobody know that Hancock has conquerors

Hakaishin helles

Sanji durability ! Admiral Haki ! Magellan Df !!!!! Sorry law …

Tommy Plays

Why did you not chose skill for sanji

Deniel Paul Babiera

Strength : Chopper
Speed : Kizaru
Dura : Sanji
DF : Magellan
Haki : Sanji
IQ : Corazon


The Haki, strentgh and durability were good, but i think the Haki and devil fruit are the best choices.

One or two Hits with the venom and you know just have to wait for him to die or try grabbing some cure (if he even Has them). But at that time you can just venom demon him. With sanjis speed, that shouldn't be a Problem.


You always pick IQ first