BUSHCRAFT – POMOLY HOT TARP TEST – Fire Cooking – Wild Camping UK

Night in the woods testing out the Pomoly Hammock Hot Tarp. Cooking on a fire, a few of my knives and first look at the limited edition woodland Merch.



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Callum Kirkbride

Hey Bushman..Great video! Awesome content keep it going mate. What woodland are you in here? Looks real nice 👌


Evening, to my way of thinking the Pomoly tarp is best suited as a base camp shelter where you would staying for a few days and need a shelter with a good height. Be good to see you use it on a cold winters night with Blue beside you. Your next film needs to be sponsored by a stove manufacturer 🙂

I too have a ticket for the Bushcraft show, but I might not be going this year, as it will cost me around £120 in fuel to get there and back.

jeff armstrong

I wouldn’t like to carry that home if it was wet.

Howard Potts

The gruffalo 💪👊 good vid Al good game looks much better , nice steak 🥩

Simon Thompson

You just found out 80% of your audience is here for blue.

Steve Jones

Why not just bring the metal pegs?
If it's peeing down with rain, you don't want to be wasting an hour or so fiddling about, making wooden pegs in the pouring rain? 🤔☔😂

aaron james

smoke in the eye is a killer lol!!

Miss Ogyny

Loved the strap-on pegging equipment 😉

Jeff Mackenzie

Love this video. I also watch some of the Lone wolf 902 videos. he has used this in snow and it looked great then. thank you

Andrew Holmes

Great video Al, 56min rest from the bonkers world. Many thanks for bring us along.


Outstanding Bush-crafting Al mate and you’re a role model and credit and asset to the outdoor community. You and blue are a team showing everyone the sheer beauty of nature and mountains. I live for this lifestyle and it’s keeps me absolutely fit and healthy. Been in the mountains and the summits is my passion. Thanks for showing other people the way to a healthy and happy lifestyle and skills to survive in the extreme conditions. Kindest regards mate….👍👍👍

Andy B

Nice camp I see Blue is rounding up sheep 🐑🐏🐑🐏 but love Blue xx

David Cann

I didn't realise you've got kids, do they never want to come out with you? My son quite likes going wild camping, got him up Kinder Scout about a month ago carrying all his kit. Love the rotissarie mushroom 🙂 Can't wait for the Bushcraft Show either, had the tickets since 2018.

heather Campbell

watching your videos got me and my husband out wee done west highland way so thanks for that and a love blue love watching him

patrick bonney

I've heard if you cover yourself in sheep shit and set fire to yourself, it gets rid of the midgies!

Andrew Stennett

It's like a remake of Tarzan. Great video fella and showing some great skills. That tarp looks very versatile but quite a few quid. Hot tarp next up then mate. Thanks for sharing fella. Take it easy Al lad

Jeffrey Kellett

No blue !,

chris jordan

Al enjoy the bushcraft show we will be up in the lakes. Perhaps the show will come down south next year. Cheers Chris

chris jordan

Ali really enjoyed this one. Thanks for sharing a new product interesting to see what's out there. It's not for me as I struggle to carry the kids and my kit as it is. I suspect that it would be great for car camping. Would be interested in the knife but sadly at the moment this would be very cost dependent.

Heath Wakelin

Another cracking vid Al. I find myself talking to you through the screen. We said CORIAN at the same time and I told you to stick that mushroom on the spike!!!!! Very impressed with the knives so keep me posted once you get the 'Spark' neck knife up for grabs. H
Counting the days to Blighty 👍

Eddy Arundale


Lynlyn Sotela

oh nooooo…the handsome blue is not with you today😧 super clear video👌 love it🥰

Peter Fishley

Yes the first thing I looked for was the dog

Kim, Kimba

Well to begin with, I am here to watch what you do in the videos. Blue is adorable but just a bonus. That is heavy for a hot tent, but with its size I guess it is about right. The first videos I watched of yours were with you and Blue in those blizzards. No hot tent then. It will be nice to have a stove this one in the winter to help keep you warm. That handle you put on the knife looks nice. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Should be interesting to see what kind of knife set your friend may make for you. The food looked good…glad you enjoyed it. It is hard to know what the weather will be like when you are out in nature because things change so quickly. You had a cold night but could have easily been warm. At least you had the tent to give you a bit more protection. Enough rambling. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

Nothing like Sweet t

Nice video like the shirt first I thought you went got all tattoo up 😂😂congratulations on the new Clothing line:)

Stuart Greenley

Wrestle a rhino 🦏, or swim with hungry hippos 🦛…… ur killing me Al!!!!

Seamus McBride

Cotton? You really need to try this out on a good UK rain trip…

Jennifer Molloy

It’s good to see you!

Jennifer Molloy

Is Blue here?? Is he okay?

AZ Claimjumper

2 Thumbs UP, Bushman. Yes, I along with most all your other subscribers truly missed Blue in this video.
Tsk, Tsk, Tsk; when rigging the tarp ridgeline, I would have used a bowline wrapped it & the ridgeline around a tree, created a Marlin spike hitch for one end of the ridgeline, then created a Trucker's hitch on the other end of the ridgeline. The trucker's hitch would have allowed you to make the ridgeline taut enough walk on.
BTW, happy 4th of July – Independence day – yes, Independence from Great Britain in 1776.
Warm Regards from Reno, Nevada U.S.A.


brilliant fire!

Martin Jordan

Great stuff as always. Time just seems to fly when watching them. You mentioned the absence of the star attraction, the lovely Blue but what about the other missing 'ingredient' – broccoli?

james murillo

Hey, new sub here, love your videos especially the snow/storm ones.

Mal Coppock

Looking forward to seeing you in the winter, with this setup.

brian kirkup

Another excellent interesting video. What a tarp that is plenty of room. I’m sure Blue will enjoy getting his lug down in there. Anyhow all the best Cheers BK

Norman C.

Another nice trip good job Al. That tarp looked real impressive nice size. Missed blue. Be safe ✌️ my friend

John D

Looked really nice and chilled that one. I promise not to tell blue about the big juicy steak he missed out on next time I see him 🤣

Michael Chrzanowski

Brilliant video., steak looks great, bet the smoke keeps the midges away! Always pushing the boundaries, most interesting, engaging and very enjoyable commentary., yes most of us also love ‘Blue’ ❤️