Call of the Wild: The Angler vs. Russian Fishing 4 vs. Fishing Planet! (Which should you play?)

The ultimate fishing game comparison video! Call of the Wild: The Angler vs. Russian Fishing 4 vs. Fishing Planet! We’ll be comparing Fishing Locations, Finding Fish, Fish Species, Fishing Methods, Gear Comparison, Money & Progress + Price! This is one video you don’t want to miss!

Time Table:
(0:00) Overview
(0:55) Fishing Locations
(2:24) Finding Fish
(4:05) Fish Species
(6:11) Fishing Methods
(7:58) Gear Comparison
(9:45) Money & Progress
(12:56) Price
(15:14) Ending Comments

#cotwtheangler #fishingplanet #russianfishing4

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Matt Martin

Amazing comparison!


Excellent and fair comparison! RF4 does have quite a few Asian fish species in it, and also the migratory pacific fish like Sockeye, Chinook, Chum salmon and Dolly Varden. I heard somewhere that they are looking to create maps based on locations outside of Russia in the future.

I just find the big fish far more rewarding to catch in RF4 than FP, they are few and far between so its an event when you get one. It just a more challenging but long term game, notably as the fish move locations and change bait and lure preferences, not spreadsheet fishing.

FP is probably a better choice if you want to dip in and out of a fishing game and have some casual fun, which The Angler may also provide one day.


now i know why you wanted a chat with MDawg 🙂

one aspect of RF4 that I feel is quite important is the ability to send many items of gear/food to other players, ok you need to have premium and be of a certain level, but that's not a concern for the recipient. It does bond the community together though, being able to send a bit of booze to another player who has caught a really nice fish or basic rod kits to new players, or maybe handmade lures. It's handy for streamers as well, as it allows giveaways of gear.

prem and gold are regularly discounted in sales, not that i'd recommend buying gold.

Sebastian Kuprešak

Why rf4 isn't for ps5

Akulio Just

I wanna check out Rr4, it’s possible to play on Mac ?


I love this.. well done.. I have to say that RF4 is my top pick for realistic fishing. But one thing you might want to point out that have premium too early in the game can def leave you unprepared for the fast leveling and new water bodies to unlock as you may still be struggling with the old gear in which also premium gives you no advantage in making more money then non premium members. So that might want to take into account.

Martyn Romaine

I love Fishing Planet but it can be grindy but i don't really care about it being grindy. The Angler is good but after finishing all the challenges i don't see a reason to play it as I'm a very high level and have so much money. With Russian Fishing i made a mistake when i first played it. When it asked what region i wanted to choose i clicked Russia and i didn't realise it was asking me what region in the world i lived for language so the game is in Russian and it can't be changed so i contacted the Devs to ask if they could reset it but they refused so i can't play it


Would love you to do some more comparisons. It's great to know whats available with pros and cons to each. Thanks for the great info.

Aaron Call

This is the exact fishing video I’ve been looking for! I’ve been looking for a fun fishing simulator for a while since I don’t have as much time to get out and gosh for real these days! I’m definitely going to check out Russian Fishing 4 now! Love those fish models! Would love to see more of these videos!

julio cesar

the angler "time of day" in a game where the player cant choose the time of day to play. (that and the no chat there is biggest bummer in that game for me)
the russian fishing , i, I … I and I and i dont want ot care about hunger and rpg stats in a fishing game. ( i never played cause of that)
12 species well go fish IRL and a 16×16 and i dont think u can count more than that amount of species
trolling is one the most requested thing in FP , i heard that because of that "fisherman" game we cant have that on FP , that create bait is cool though.
float fishing on the angler is not good and the other methods there u can catch anything without trouble.
its really fast to get the best gear in the angler tbh i have less than 10 hours and i have gear that can catch every diamnond in the game.
FP gear can be expensive as well if u dont know what to buy and yes troling is a must in that game.
yeah FP is grindy but well its a free game if u want.
the angler its dont even have a chat cmon dude a chat its basic for a game that have a multiplayer focus.
as for price , angler for the moment is good one for the moment , FP and RF well they are "free" games right u can waste money or not thats up to u but i had more fun wasting some money on FP to progress a little faster.

Steve K

Just what I needed – thanks! I really like Call of the Wild: The Hunter, so I know the devs have good things in mind for The Angler, but I'll wait until those show up. Think I'll try RF4, though!


RF4 hands down.

That vegan skyler

Is call of the wild the angler only on next gen consoles

Zach Urkevich

Really great video!

Neonwhite A.

The angler is the most expensive and by far the worst, it’s the easiest for new players but also means that the game gets stale immediately

Snail Rancher

A good overview Bo; thanks! Sadly, The Angler is nowhere near a “leading” fishing game. On SteamDB, it’s averaging under 600 players a day, and gets down as low as 175. The Fisher Online (made by one guy apparently) has more than that; even The Hunter Classic is about double. I think EW made this game for The Hunter COTW players and completely neglected to pay any realistic attention to players of other fishing games; they’re paying the price for that now. Hopefully they’ll turn it around, but it sounds like they’re more interested in their own “vision” rather than what most customers want. Personally I find it reasonably fun for an hour or less as something to relax with, but go elsewhere if I want to really virtual fish.

Frosty Assult

Crazy vid


Bro rf4 is like real life bro i didnt know this game. In my opinoin rf4 is the best fishing game


I wish Russian fishing was for console. My PC won't run it.


well done! very clear cut and informative!!

Hendrey Grobbelaar

Yeah ill stay with fishing planet to put it simple the angler sucks poor water quality no landing animation annoying strike animation to expensive no 3rd person when driving the car to easy to get diamonds really disappointed in ew thought they could do better


That ATV is clutch fishing planet needs that lmaoo tired of running to spots

Erick Fishing

Amazing video, good points for all three games, i think if you like more of a worldwide stile of fishing you go for fishing planet, if you prefer european, specially bottom or feeder fishing you shoud go for rf4, and for the angler we will have to wait


Anything but TheAngler



Ethan Lindsey



Great video Brother!