Camping alone at night with heavy rain. Survival. Bushcraft. Camping in the rain

In this video I share a night camping under heavy rain

#camping #solocamping #rain #acampar #nature #naturaleza #CampingInTheRain #Bushcraft #buildingblocks #Building #campingintherain

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Kalau seperti itu bahaya kurang memenuhi unsur kenyamanan dan keamanan.sorry…

Wilson Bobbio

Dormir no meu do Mato, com chuva a noite???, é querer acordar na boca de uma sucuri.

Pedro Jose


Sergey Sergey

Дзякуй очень тикава .

GNW arya

Mantap sahabat,semangat sehat dan selalu berhati hati dalam berkegiatan di alam 🙏👍😇



Inoi Cikopeng

Seharian kemana aja jelang malam baru bikin tenda darurat ini agak kontennya itu gimana klihatan males
Bikin tenda darurat pondok gubuk atau apalah kan udah tau mau camping berarti berpetualang mncari tempat yg bagus untuk bikin
Tenda pondok atau gubuk

Hanz vlog

This is the best camping in the rain vlog i ever seen.Absolutely amazing

Heavy rain sounds

Hello 👋 Spiffy wonderful storm, you have a glass of wine 🍷 OK 👌 where's mine, nice cozy room.

Annise Chetelat

Should have planned sooner buddy!

Achim Klinkhammer

It's a little bit funny. Watching your videos one could get the impression that there is no day in Ecuador without rain… 😄
Thank you for your nice videos, well done! Go on this way! 👍
Greetings from Germany,

Michael Sumadsad

Great video wow

Flaneurs L

This just is. A guy making a statement. Read into it what you will…… Enjoyed this a lot…….😊

paul stutz

This was the best rain survival video ever. I have seen hundreds of rain camping & have always wanted to see being caught in the rain at night no elaborate camping site and just making it work. Amazing I so want to do that like you did sometime. Thank you for your excellent post. I am going to save this one forever {:o]xc


Sir, I really want to know if you were able to sleep at night ?


Mantap ini mh asli… Tetap berhati-hati kang…
Salam satu tenda.. 🙏


I have never seen anyone doing this kind of camp before and it felt good😆👍

Myanmar Vampires

u dont scare snakes?

Abah Striker

luar biasa semangatnya 👍👍

Mai Lor

Very nice video keep do more video

Bushcraft Solo Time

That's so amazing. I think I should have tried this one occasion

Magic World by Jörg

<<<a cool video keep up the great content.. Thank you.

Mike Night

This is so~far the strangest camping I have or probably will ever experienced 🤔

Robert Kojak


Wawan Jazz camping

Good job and be carefull bradher one hobi love you ❤️🙏👍



Wyn Wyn

is this like a part 2 to this video? or u just decide to go out bushcraft in middle of the night while raining?

Rosie Bateson

That was amazing. I’m sure it was uncomfortable and miserable for you, but thank you so much for sharing ♥️👍

Joanna Wilson


Julia Perrens Oviedo

mucha pena medio por todo lo que tuvo que pasar

Si Campung

Deras banget eh