Camping In Snow Storm With Rooftop Tent And Diesel Heater

camping in snow storm with rooftop tent and diesel heater on this winter truck camping adventure.

Diesel Heater:





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Charles B

pretty fancy

عبدالرزاق مختيش

هذا هو المعني الحقيقي للتخييم

Adrian Adrian

Next time put snow around the tent ,on the ground

King Awesome

Super cute dog.

Олег Иванов

Ни охота ,ни рыбалка ,приехал ,чай попил и всё? Перемотал до конца ролика и НИЧЕГО!!!!!! ты чай приехал попить??????????))))))))))

Man Co

Không có gì vui vẻ

Chris Lincoln

Wow, Thank you so much for this video. I was thinging of buying a roof top canper. You have totaly changed my mine on that. A slide in camper starting to look better now.

steven lennon

Boomer is the that dog. So faithful

Владимир Базилевский

Поражаюсь трудолюбию этого человека. Но решить вопрлс комфортного отдыха на природе можно легче, уже есть много решений.

Jeremy Sumpter

You would of saved yourself alot of pain just by burying the outside bottom of your enclosure. Shoveled and packed snow all around the gap on the floor so that wind cant get through, its what I do for all my canopies in the snow. No airflow coming through the bottom makes it so much nicer inside.

Black first

i would have taken me a fishing rod too lol…great video man.


Just lol

Paul Condie

How much lift on your GMC? Tire size? Sits perfect! Sweet 💯💪🇺🇲 Thanks 👍

Tido Bear

You realize if you pack the sides down with snow there will be no wind?

Paul Condie

Love the truck! Badass

chris 123

You surely must have a shell to place over your down jacket to keep the wind and dampness away. Of course down jackets wet out in dampness. Never bring cotton into the cold. If a cotton garment gets wet in very cold temperatures, it will not dry. You could become hyperthermic and die.

Monica Burgueno

Buen video 👍

mohd shahnawaz

Doggy so many excited .he enjoying the with falling snow .

Samuel Sheaffer

First watch on your channel. Just wanted to say badass truck man. Had the same one prior to my wife and kids. She said it was too hard to get into so we moved onto a Sierra Denali with 22s. Feel free to make fun of me. Thanks for the content!

Jaw Harping w/ Milo

That's one really cool truck. I like how the sleeping portion of the tent is on top. It's too bad there's not enough space towards the back of the truck bed to setup the cook stove and chair to make it all self-contained within the truck bed. Then again you are experiencing the snow and Boomer gets to run around the way you have it setup. Love the drone footage, quite beautiful.

Mike Bracco

Why didn't you put a tarp down and seal the vestibule better? You could had the heater running the whole time? You're car camping!! So many questions!?!


Please have some consideration for your dog having to constantly walk around on the freezing snow. What a cruel thing to do.

American Warrior AJ

Let’s get to work alright. This does not look like a good daily routine for a nomad. Leaning towards an rv

Sheri Schonaman

How,in heavens name, is this type of camping fun? I love camping but I do believe I’d prefer warmer weather for my outings lol

Jose Castillo

Bonito lugar

Cloud Striker

1st time here, loved this video. Subscribed! For more! Please explain your Wheel/Tire and Lift setup. I want my trail boss looking just like your Sierra..Thank you

Off Road Overland Camping

How do you like off roading in a full size truck?

Сергей Шадрин

Края палатки снизу, надо снегом присыпать. А то сидишь там, как придурок на ветру!)) Привет с Сибири!

Henrik M

Dressed in down from head to toes, and still talking about how cold it is??? I thought Canadians put socks in their sandals and changed from shorts to sweats when it dropped to -10C. Have I been misinformed? 😆
That little dog cracks me up running around in the snow! He seems to love it for sure.

Kevin Karl

I'm guessing that hyper (cute) little pooch is USB rechargeable?

Jonny Kelly

Wow,a Million and a half views in 7 days,Boomer has hit the"Big Time"🤣


Such beautiful scenery, and I find your videos very relaxing and peaceful. Boomer is absolutely adorable. He looks a lot like Desi from The Little Poets channel here on YouTube. 💗 BTW, my kitten was going nuts when Boomer was running around in the snow, and she was right up against the TV watching your video.🤣

Darlene Gripshover

If you would pack of snow around the bottom of your tent you wouldn’t have all that cold air whipping in just saying.

Shandele Broyles

They should make that bottom tent where you could have a wood stove. If it was sealed up at the bottom it might even heat the top.
But it would still be worth having a wood stove if you were going to be there more than one night. But I'm betting that it would heat the top some since heat rises. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Great video thank you

Aemilia Delroba

There is lots of draft under that tent => cold 🥶!
You need to insulate the floor .

Aemilia Delroba

I want that SUV , Truck 🛻!

Aemilia Delroba

Wow 🤩
Amazing !

Joe Caralho

What do you have for a lift kit on that truck and tire size?
Good looking rig


Cool video. Boomer is the bomb.

Craig Quann

Why the alcohol stoves and not something like a Colman propane stove? Genuine question.

Woodrow Call

I was cracking up how you shook the snow off the chair outside the vestibule, like you didn't want it go on the "floor".

Jon Cothran Photography

Awesome rig! That would make a wonderful rig for a fly fishing trip in the Utah backcountry!

Jim Beam

That would be perfect for ice fishing camping

Robo 1776

BFD….with enough material crap you do almost anything. One thing you can never do: be self sufficient because to actually depend on so
Much crap. And some little fire cooking little pot will never achieve the totality of self sufficient lifestyle.

spirit  Tube Game

Your tent is so fucked up, take your fucking dog and go to your fucking house, pee in the bathroom and sleep.

Adi Tatva

Where is a firewood stove?

Ezequiel Padilha

What model and year is your truck?