Catching PREHISTORIC Dinosaur Fish in the SEWER!

In today’s video, I go to the Walmart sewers after a MASSIVE flood to save fish that got trapped in the ditch! We used cast nets, and our hands and ended up catching gar, cichlid, tilapia, peacock bass, and a prehistoric dinosaur fish called a bichir! I took the bichir back to my aquarium and kept it as my new pet!

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Bass fishing Productions

This video was INSANE! Comment a name for our new bichir! Part 2 of the koi video will probably be next video!

Jaxson Ludwikowski

Howww so cute me keep me keep❤

Karto pawi

Tu axoloti

Odd Mom



Bro ur subs r flying up

Keagan Michel

Call him pie

Jed Sabanal

how about Roger

Froggy gaming

Alla al-a or Bruno Bru-no

Niranjan R

that fish name is ababa

Caleb Dunlap

I used to have one of those "dino fish" it was albino

Jonny Leal

Damn That’s A Bad Ass Lexus Ls400 Bro Is That Your Car Or One Of Your Buddies I’m Actually Lookin For One And That One Is Clean As Fuck🤘🏽💀💯I’m A Car Guy And A Fish Guy And Those Bichir Get Hella Big I Use To Have One Mine Was Black And Yellow🐠🤘🏽💙💯

Taorem Singh

Bit king

Diamond Speckled Nature

You should name him Fred (flinstone) because it’s like a dinosaur

Devindra Sookram


Sage Bulby

Name the fish rex

Carl Brown

That Bichir is gonna kill and eat everything in that tank including your Oscar. You don't have anything in there that is currently big enough to stay out of its mouth. I have 4 of them in a 500 gallon plywood aquarium I built and regularly feed them full grown mollies and have even seen them snack on juvenile red devils.

Legendary Florida

Great video guys!!! Thank you for letting us be part of it!! We had a blast!!

Btings Btings


ricky smith

billy bisher

jason pettit

Holy shit , the iguana man I was only thinking of him yesterday as in Tasmania Australia the blue tongue lizards are coming out from the ground. Ahh what u say then what u see


Be carefull with the cory’s, if the Bichir, Oscar or Red tail try to swallow them they can expand their spiny fins wich make the predatory fish choke on them.

stellar agent

It's not a snakehead it's a mud puppy

kaitlyn kelley

DROP PT 2!!!!!!!!!!


Where is the baby clown knife

omkar patil

hope u nt buying them in stores to fool the viewers


Is it a boy or a girl? If a girl then sasha or a boy then tyler/marco..

Kaabi Kaabi


Kaabi Kaabi


Lea Meakins

Senegal bichir they will eat anything that fits in its mouth

pride xd

That man looked like Bobby 30 years from now.🤣🤣🤣🤣

Emily Hawk


Bradford White

Seeing Raj was a great surprise!

sjefferson 91

You should keep some of the big gars you catch 😃

Santanu Sengupta

That's a bichir

Darcie Worby

❤❤❤ do you like the name

Ellen Sneve

It isn't an official Bass Fishing Pro. vid till Bobby screams a couple times lol. Great video!

Timothy Reed

Bichir is a mean little fish!!they will eat anything that fits in their mouth….they are a cool fish but can be very aggressive!! cool video.. i have had a few the first i got the pet store sold it to me as a community fish!!!! 😆🤣😆 not by far!!!!!


Great video Spike

Edgard Geronimo


Mimi Capho

That is bichir

Vishnu Kannan



May be axolotl evolved from them


That's an axolotl

Mark joseph Rabor

I love all your videos bobby like from the start of this channel but for me, because of that Senegal Bichir this is the best of the best in all of your videos. 😅 I'ma kinda biased though cause i have a pair of those in my tank and I'm absolutely obsessed to that type of fish because of their dragon like prehistoric looks. Not to mention that those fish are really durable not that hard to take care of. Just don't put some small fish in that tank or your sending them to their doom. 🤣 Unfortunately polypterus endlichiri (different type of bichir) is so rare in our area and are so expensive, I'm dying to have some of those massive Bichirs. Keep making this amazing videos bobby and hope you'll catch more Bichirs greetings here from Philippines 🇵🇭.

Ben Garza

They are also very blind so hand feed them

Ben Garza

Who’s LS400?

niumaAbs D4

its a bichir

illiana salce

His name should be spiny