Chit Chat is Over | Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk: Attorney at Law | Disney+

Consider the chit-chat over 🙅‍♀️ Watch a new episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, an all new Original series from Marvel Studios, streaming tomorrow on Disney+.

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Kyle Broflovski

Tony Stark technically killed himself

Alex C.

I love Titania!


This show is so flakey and bad 😐


Please marvel do something about she hulk

Lonnie Holmes

I've been a HUGE She Hulk fan for 30 years. I like the portrayal for the most part. I wish she was overly confident like in the books. However the plot for this shoe leaves much to be desired. Am I the only one disappointed with the show overall?

James Shepherd

Really what’s is with this Series. Half hour long is no good with what 5-10 minutes of credits that could be extra screen time. And she’s a hulk where’s all the action where the world is going to die stuff. This is the most Boring marvel series ever made. 😢😮

Red Force

L'épisode est nul à chier, la série est insupportable, le scénario est pété, comment on peut pondre un truc pareil sérieux ? 👎👎👎


She hulk is garbage 🗑️ CGI 🗑️

Lata Kumar

Mediocre shows are declining MCU image

Lata Kumar

MCU is now shemcu

Lata Kumar

Marvel is becoming shemarvel

Arpon Kumar

Now days Marvel are delivering some real shits.Ant she Hulk is on the top.💩💩

Tej pal

What happened to Marvel

Tej pal

This is a disaster tv show


I thought Titania was a blonde olympia looking muscle head enemy of she hulk. Who is this Titania in the show. No way that's the same character

Marvel studio Fanpage India

We are here to see daredevil not she hulk

Lauren russ

Just a statement for wanda haters out there

Lauren russ

People who hate Scarlet witch she was reading the darkhold Because she has nothing left and Agatha told Wanda she was in the book of the darkhold she just wanted to understand her power That's why she was reading it and she has been through so much While she was reading the Darkhold She heard her kids voice were actually real NOT MAGIC that's why she Finally thought she could have love again but she was corrupted by the darkhold to kill and murder She is not a villain I don't care what you say She suffered a lot She was an orphan and she was experiment by hydra like a lab rat In the past she never had that emotional love that everyone gave her do you expect her to love other people easily and understand them? she been in hell in the past her family was killed and she was a experiment by hydra and a orphan and she killed her husband twice so she just broken So no she is not a villain Besides Everyone Doesn't even like her in her Universe that's why she wanted to go to another universe So she can have peace and love with her family So stop saying she's Evil Don't blame her for what she done

Nasar Hussain

Waste of time I don't like this series this phase 4 is so irritating we want action anyone expecting comedy and cringe also


Has this show gotten better yet? No? Yes? Let me know when/if it does. Gdnight! 😴

Renaissance Nerd

"She wouldn't just show up to my wedding and try to kill you"

Narrator: She tried to kill her

Arun Kuriyedath

This series not in the mcu form… Very boring episodes


Pls Bring our 3000 tony stark back plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


Pls bring back our Black widow

IGN Weirdoz

if according to comic , titania got her power from dr doom right ? correct me if im wrong , just want to see , how the beginning she turn to that , In future MCU maybe .

Lloyd Corricelli

Why is the CGI so bad?

Ember [updated] SAX

I like how Titania never suffered any consequences after breaking into that courtroom in the very first episode. She was just inexplicably allowed to walk free and host a highly publicized fan meet and greet.


Truly one of the shows of all time

Bang Ridu

Marvel has gone down hill with all these disney+ series. Watched the last episode of She Hulk, it's so painful, most scene could be just deleted scenes, who needs drama in the mcu. Bring back Iron Man level movie, avenger level movie, put all those garbage series in the trash bin where they belong.


I love this series! All that noise about ratings being low? Don't believe them.


Episode Preview: Chit Chat is over
Actual Episode: 95% chit chat filler…

The marketing folks are trying really hard to sell a plate of literal feces at a 5 star restaurant (Disney)

The Archer

Can this show please end it's awful

Nazomius ‘

Holy shiz this series is just awful

Tom Duijndam

sling ring

Eton *non fevrieat

Hopefully when She Hulk finds out Titania’s real name, she keeps on bugging her by calling her Mary.

Brandon Jackson

This episode I felt for Jen. She really isn't a bad character. Honestly the way the bride and bridesmaids been treating her was really low bro.

Lady Eve & Guy Boiman TM

Titania will become the MCU Red She-hulk and join Thunderbolts with songbird? or Betty Ross Liv Tyler would return as red she hulk?

Marcus Guillen

This show sucks💯👎🏼


Ok, just had to stop by and say that I am enjoying She-Hulk and can´t figure out why so many people are down on it. If they´ve read the comic, they´d know what to expect more or less.

Belle 🍆 2 y.0 -check My V!deo

I like how Titania never suffered any consequences after breaking into that courtroom in the very first episode. She was just inexplicably allowed to walk free and host a highly publicized fan meet and greet.


Literally broke into a courtroom to cause havoc. Next she’s holding a meet a greet, fashion show kinda gig. She faced no consequences whatsoever. It’s like everyone just magically forgot. That should show you had terrible the writing to this show is.

Soumya ranjan Pradhan

We want an Indian avenger


I don't know why I haven't noticed how short Jen looks, or probably it's because Titania is tall


Tatiana Maslany❤❤❤

Pack full of crack

Still waiting for frogman smh