Crappie Fishing Lake Okeechobee, Fl {Catch Clean Cook} Crunchy, Fruity, Crappy Roll

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King_smitty 860

I like how you didn’t waste the fish , a lot of people throw the rest away after filleting them.


Mr Sell Out

Gary Roenicke

I really enjoy your videos and fishing info but more importantly your Message. Thanking the Lord for all he has done. And a Fantastic Message during this video, Keep it up and Thank You



Rick Mentore

Fantastic dedication! Hope Tanner is on the road to recovery. Your sincerity is palpable!

Solo Flow

I know i'm a lil late watching your video but i like the way you got the wrong pole it wasn't funny it"was just like i dont know how to explain it.:D

Crystal Titus

I was getting worried I hadn’t heard mention of Silver Stag in a while


It's really cool to see all the unique ways you cook fish and wild game. For years my family has just beer battered crappie, sunfish, and walleye for our fish frys all summer long. Both of my great grandparents have been gone a few years now and we never get together anymore. I miss those days.

willie Countryman

Hey Rob great job on the cripples how can I get a sliver stab fillet knife


Praying for Tanner…Robert,you are a class act..

Budapest Bugle

Clean them and cook them hole on a wood grill slow about 10&15min on each side till skin starts to Brown and dry out. Skin falls off and bones pull out……. Nothing but meat. How sweet it is. Blue Gill also…….😎✌️. Those look great. Will definitely try. Above is a fast tailgate treat…..

Budapest Bugle

Croppie spreaders…….. 😎✌️

Red Mist

Hey Robert. I've been fishing, SCUBA and spearfishing for over 75 years, California, east coast, and Baja, so I'm just saying I have some cred's. When you fillet a fish, DON'T cut through the tail. Stop a little short, flip-[ the fillet over and remove the fillet from the skin. A lot easier and you don't have to worry about hanging on to the fillet… it's still attached to the carcass. Rick

David Laurenti

Hey Rob I’m a student out in Milan Italy I have been watching for 4 years now. I wanted to know if it is possible to get bed shipped to Italy? Please let me know it would be awesome. Much love

Hayden Warren

I stay in Ocala fl and every time I go somewhere fishing or hunting I’m always looking for you lol would be awesome to meet y’all. You are seriously living my dream

Rick Pham

@2:30 i thought i was watching Eminem fishing for sec there lol

Angelo Sathog

Really fun…

ricardo dijt


Charles Kunkle

God bless you, Tanner 🙏prayers for you

Will Lemon

Yes the light draws fish, it brings the plankton and bacteria off the bottom to the light which in turn brings up crappie and bluegill and perch to eat


cant get enough of your wife's beauty. great looking couple

We cooked your recipe last night but with flounder. Amazingly good!!!

Ben cutrer

You should use a cane pole when you fish for bluegill or crappie in these spots, i promise it’s efficient fishing and more fun

Caleb Broome

Do you have any tips for someone fishing Lake O for the first time? I have no idea where to go and I have heard that it is very easy to get lost.

Praying for Tanner and all of you. May the Lord bless you all more and use you in a mighty way. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 "Give thanks in everything, for this is the will of God in Yeshua The Messiah among you." Tanner, the Lord sees you and loves you. Very soon all things will be made new on earth as it is in heaven. The best part, the Kingdom belongs to children such as yourself.

Barbara Jackson

I know your parents are really proud of you 💟💟 your Dad drove off he don't like being on camera 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Mab De Narra

i knew beforehand that the electric knife will leave some meat behind. by the way im a fellow Christian like you and your family Rob. pls pray for me i had a stroke abt a wear or so. still not healed bro. thank you and God bless. 8 still watch ur shows btw…😀


He double dipped.

Manuel Foster

There's a size limit on crappi?

Matt Holloway

That's why you're my favorite YouTuber rob I love you man never stop having the care you have and love you have for anything or Anyone

Parker Landry

Love you tanner praying for you dude🙏

Christopher Richardson

I subscribed based on seeing this great video you and your family put together. I found this video trying to learn how to "catch and cook". This will be the first meal I make when I do my first one; thank you for the amazing content. 💪🏽👊🏽✌🏽

joseph conant

Love you for all that you do

Reyna Ramirez

We will Also keep Tanner in our prayers! We love ya'll! God bless

Reyna Ramirez

May God keep blessing you in abundance! God loves you and we give him all the honor and glory. Thank you for always showing your faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Betty Arrington

Oh Boy Ropate’ sure was good to run into you & Kevin out there. Glad ya showed your fans the difference between filet/electric knife . Do you remember W A Y back when you was very young. We was in Blackshear, Ga. We’d caught a bunch of nice catfish and you started cleaning the fish with Tommy Howell’s electric knife he offered but didn’t tell us how quickly it can cut to the bone ! You cut your thumb really bad! But it did not stall you out at all. So if you use a electric knife which Walt & I do, be CAREFUL! Once you get the hang of it you will be fileting your fish left & right so quick! . So many great memories together, so Grateful/Thankful for our Family 🙏♥️💪. Thank you to all of your Fans, they’re concerns, Nice comments concerning Walt🙏❣️Thank you all for your Prayers for your Walt & Tanner-God bless you & others watching suffering in silence . May The Lord touch each & everyone of you🙏Like my Daddy used to say Betty , We are ALL just passing through this life, so put your sights & Trust in The Lord🙏♥️🙏HE will hear your Prayers & see you through! TGBTG

Marcus Thomas

You da MAN 👍🏾

Ora Johnson

Tanner ur a amazing person God has u in his hands and he will heal u may we see u in future videos to come

Henry Cowles

Thank you Robert for always being such an inspiring role model to me. You have such a kind heart. I wish there were more people like you in this world. As for tanner and his family, I send my prayers and condolences during this challenging time.

Levon Johnny

You should come to pohnpei nanmadol

Levon Johnny

Love the boat

LT Gnav


Spur Bronc

I use bean sprouts instead of rice sticks. They add a hearty savory flavor with soy sauce!

Bobby L


Brandon Hay

As long as it’s legal do it how you want😂