Create StackViews in Swift 5 (Xcode 12, 2020) – iOS Development

In this video we will learn about stack views in Swift 5 and Xcode 12. Stack views are great ways to layout vertical or horizontal stacks of other views in a seamless fashion. They are easy to set up and can be used to create beautiful layouts.

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Do we able add heterogeneous views to stack view? I mean each component would be of different size. Is that possible?

East Hastings

quality content. as always

Musini Ganesh

Hi your videos are good. But in all videos your voice is very low. please make sure to clear and loud

R Genericson

This is really good!

егор егоров

the Best!

Younes Idrissi

thank you a lot


@iOS Academy , Was wondering if you are planning to start SwiftUI videos specially Combine Framework related stuff.

One Berto

Thanks! Nice content

Harsh Verma

Amazing content

Andrew P

Are you going to continue the Instagram series?

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ryan terry

Hi Can you make virtual coins & gifts with wallet in app?

Nwigberi Moses

Thank you for this. Is it okay to prefer storyboard method? 🙂