Daytime UFO over Nottingham, UK.

Source Link: Coral | Libra Queen She has more UFO videos on her channel.

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Only Real UFOs

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RST Sport

Another….BRILLO one…..Thank you.Looks Real enough to me.😁👍




I wonder if there’s ufos monitoring Russia and Ukraine


Nice catch cheers mate 👌

J.W. Ray

Not an orb.
That's the Tic Tac again,you can see once camera steady,it's the pill shape.
Reflection is brighter the higher you go,and it's bright,but the Tic Tac…

Dodge the Badger

The fact that it's an orb says it all, there's no conventional aircraft to match that description that we know of… Thanks for sharing bro 👽 👽 and Big up Nottingham, UK 🇬🇧

C Ritter

Interesting, but terrible camera work. In the clear blue sky there’s no fixed point of reference for determining relative motion. Good capture otherwise.

Vonda Hartsock-Oneil

That's cool. Has an energy pulsing around it too. Bet it has a black cube in the center. Whatever that is about, IDK, but they ones that seem to be "controlled" always have a black cube inside. You can't always see it, but it's there. These can shine red, green blue, white and prob. invisible to our spectrum. That's my opinion at least. Who or what is controlling them tho, still remains to be seen. Hope it isn't me who sees "them" because I'm not so sure they are from this world, and perhaps there is a "being" inside that cube. Alien life can be in any form we can and can't imagine. We can only imagine what we know. It could be, that it is like a persons "soul" only they've learned how to access it, remove it from the shell it resides in and go for a spin, who knows? Anything is possible these days.

Michal Zpevak

We are not alone thank you for ur channel..i start subscribe and watch it because in our country so many weird things on sky too..Very actual i think..truth is out there 💫🌍🇨🇿


Great footage nice clear and steady! It’s one of those orbs, I believe these may be some type of organic energy or spirit. These things illuminate although they are made up of some organic material.

Mr Jigsaw 2

Great footage,thankyou camera person 👍 Many thanks Michael from Onlyrealufos for bringing the footage to us 👽👍

Rose Mattaliano

excellent thank you!

Observadora Online

É assim que passa aqui no céu da minha cidade kkk

Damian Thomas

The orb type ones I think are the most legit, I think they are like projection, a spy ball type thing,


What are they waiting for to go in Ukraine?

twas brillig

I would have stayed with the tree branches as it offers the ability to detect its movement better.


Wish she would have kept filming using the tree branches as perspective. It started to move irratic just before she started running

Laurence Roy

Bonsoir 🙋‍♀️merci beaucoup 👽

Jerry Deall

How do I post a UFO video?

James Crothers

Good catch! At the end, it almost looked like a bell. Thank you, Michael, best wishes!

Mr Anderson

Nice bit of footage that. Well done!👏

Jesse Knight

First again ❤️