DEEP FREEZE CARP FISHING | Kev Hewitt | Bramblemere

Kev Hewitt could not catch a break from the weather in January. With full-time work and family commitments like the rest of us, when his dates for fishing came he was going regardless of the conditions. Check out this warts and all film, fishing against the odds in the Cotswold Water Park and ultimately coming up trumps.

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Chris Falcon

lol what a clown


Was that zig half way in the depth of water mate? And what bait did you use on your zig? Lovely video thanks a lot was a really nice watch hope to see more

Wayne Green

Great angling 👍🏻🔥

Wieler toerist

as usual a wonderful film from ESP keep it up! And winter fishing is the most beautiful time of the year .


Top angling, great to see Kevin's thought process as the session progressed.


Angling machine

Martyn's Angling Adventures

Nice one Kev

Luke Jones

So those maggots are still alive 8 days in the water????

David Grenville

What rods was you using 😳

James Hankin

What retractable rods and have they got 50’s on them👍

Andrew Tedcooper

As soon as you mentioned scaly bangers that was it !!

Gavin Robson

Kev hewitt, absolute BADMAN angler 🎣


😁 those Robins😊 don’t mess about and are great companions !,just 2/3 maggots or bits of crumb etc and they keep you company on those long 🥶 24s/sessions 👍

Tim P

Great watch and came good in the end!! 🎣🎣


Guys just too good great watch 🎣👍🎣

Stay Baggin'

Winter zigging what's not to love ♥️