Dj Sumbody's Family Performs Ritual, Collecting His Spirit Before The Car Is Towed Away

Dj Sumbody’s Family Performs Ritual, Collecting His Spirit Before The Car Is Towed Away

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Zuko Nofemele

Be safe this December, black people kill black people for fun.

Nhlalayenza Nkululeko

I am not tryna be critic but things like this should not be filmed, this is very sacred and personal. And I love this page but things like this should never be publicized. We all know this ritual of umlahlankosi is done when someone died away from home to collect their spirit from the place when they passed on. Please admin, do better

Lebone Maimane

Saw this clip ystday without sound bt this version made me drop a tear 😢


Sad indeed…..Decisions

Raymond Lekalakala

This is heartbreaking

Tiisetso Mhelembe

You live by the gun you die by the gun! !! Stop writing nonsense here!!! This was a hit and he knows very well what he was involved in !!!!!!

Boyy Zuma

💔 worse part is the person who ordered the hit will attend the funeral smh.


Regardless of such incidences…south africa is such a nice place…let's stop the violence.

Modiki Ramaisa

This is heartbreaking 💔

Mpumelelo Mandi

R.I.P Bra

IG gaavv inn

Media literally has no boundaries
Isn’t that family ritual atleast supposed to be respected enough not to be thrown on the Internet for likes and views

They humans going through the loss of a family member

Pardon Vutivi

RIP 💔💔💔🙏🙏

Numba 9

Jesus is God

Mangaliso TV 📺


mandla ndlovu

Rest easy to one of the amapiano pioneers

Neliswa Mathenjwa

Why would anyone even record this

you get a spear

Rest in Peace 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

Rebaone Precious Mokota

I can't 😭💔,nobody deserves to die like he did…shooting people is starting to be a norm is South Africa

jim tsietsi

Big condolences to the family till we meet again brother the shehaad dont die u are now in the better place.

Mogau Sephewu

Rest I peace brother

Malebogo Molefhe

Eish sooo heartbreaking to watch…

Paul Masipa

We r under attack

zokuhle mazibuko

Rest in peace 💔💔man😭

Ayanda Ngele

These weapons (guns) are the death of us!


It so sad and unbelievable he is gone 💔 nkulunkulu cela ungangithathi zozizela "kumu nandi phila 'dankie mpilo……I played this song when I come back at garage to buy my car.that when I know sis londie London,,,,,,eish rest boy💔💔💔

Smangaliso jali

Damn! this is really sad 😥

It's_Lake M

This is too sad…


Well he was in the taxi industry maybe he pissed someone off