Excel Dashboard Course #18 – Creating a Human Resource (HR) Training Dashboard

In this video, I will show you how to create a human resource dashboard (HR training dashboard) from scratch

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Great learning.
Note: There's a mistake while calculating # of employees. You used row function which is not giving you correct match. You could have used match function just like you used while indexing column.

Akshay Gupta

the link of downloading the file is not working

Shankar B

Thanks for sharing the knowledge. I am unable to download the excel file. Can you please share us the updated link

Maher Saan


Give your contact like Facebook, Gmail or LinkedIn.

Viknesh Waran

It's really helpful. Thank you

Banzai Kuro

Why I cannot download the excel file in the description link indicated there? thanks

Admin Documents

Not able to download the file

Kavitha Guruprasad

I am not able to use Sumproduct like how you have used it, pls help

Zulfikar Fadhila

thanks for making this video. this video is very useful. but, i have a someproblem. when I enter the CHOOSE and MATCH formulas, the result is always N/A. maybe you can give me solution about that. thank you.

Abhinay Kurukundu

please make a video of the same HR dashboard in newer versions of excel in a easier way, as this sumproduct formula is a mess for me, i have invested more time and i am not able to catch up the conditions used.

Rohan Parakhe

Hi sumit sir.i have create same dashboard using pivot tables and slicers.i took minimum time.please explain is it right way.as per industry requirements.

Rohit Khopkar

Hi. When I uncheck the check box it doesn't deduct the total and reflect? Why So ?


Wonderful, i was not able to figure out
how this is done !!! I got the answer, thanks a lot for sharing !!!

Kiran Druthi

Hats off.. Awesome explanation…clarity the perfect combination of best ideas and effort and supperb presentation 👏👏👏👏🙏👍thank you

Somnath Banerjee

Could you please share the dataset???

Ayesha Sha

This is amazing – Can you share the excel fil please

Upre Vinod

Can you give the link of that dataset?

tess nati

Why is it when I press the square bracket, the headers in the data does not appear?

Anjum Saifi

Where can I get this video in better quality

Deepak Tambe

Thank you so much! very helpfull 👍

Diego Saul

It is the first video with 0 dislikes I've watched, it deserves it! Thank you

Tripti Bansal

How to include more combo box conditions in the sumproduct formula…please help!!! i made a dashboard using this video but my data has more options to differentiate between employees other than the bands, for eg, leased and general. i want to know how can i add these conditions in the sumproduct formula.

Vipul Patel

hiThanks For the wonderful tutorial .. Could you please help me create the one dashboard as per my require , I have tried it but some error come the analysis sector . I will tried to make to KPI report on service sector.


Thanks for the wonderful tutorial.. Could you please create a few more Dashboards using Pivot .