First Pike Fishing Overnight Session of 2022 23, Vlog no 110

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John McIlrath

Great video scobes. Proper weather and you are on a good run of doubles at the moment. We'll done

Cavan Piker🎣Fishing for Jesus🎣

Good man Davy loving the fishing from you and have learnt stuff thanks again nice fish all so but as u say in bad shape anyways God bless🙂🎣

Ian Marshall

Good on ya Dave for putting up with all that wind. You’re efforts paid off with a good size fish although badly damaged by some ignorant mong . Anyway, double thumbs to ya 👍👍🎣

Neil Wayte

Mr Scobie if we get over to Ireland I would love to hook up with you and take you and Mrs S out for a meal because I'm sure you and I would get along fine.We have the same out look on life. The girl friend Jen has watched a couple of vlogs and reckons that together you and me would be a nightmare.
I look forward to watching some more vlogs and enjoying your outlook on life.

Neil Wayte

I,ve fished in some crazy weather here in the UK but standing out there and doing the night you must be completlley off your box.
Fair play to you.

Martin Thomas

Great to watch fella , ❤ your sense of humour Too Big Man 👍👍

Andy Prest



the motivation you give is amazing


Not a bad session mate , good fish that was , shame she’d had a bit of damage, and well done for keeping that rant in , I could see it boiling up 😂👍👍🤠

Rod Erne

Do you pull youer rods at nite

David Annie lenox

I would take a wild guess in saying that fish was all due to bad handling from inexperienced angler's m8 not boga grip's looks like some eejit was a scared to handle the fish and pull the hooks out of the poor pike damaging it's left hand side of mouth 😡😡😡

CDAL ReverbNationArtist

With you when you say about being left alone. Live life in peace. You would think that is not too much to ask. Happy piking 🙂

Paul Piker

Nice one dave ,we nearly got a rant out of ya 😉 next time 🌈😡👎

Paul Brown

Great wee spot derryadd Dave great video bud

Geoff Owens

Enjoyed the video David sad to see fish with damaged mouths

Paul Tiller

Evening Dave smashing pike proper men's weather pity no action in the night but I'd say that will change once its gets colder. Cheers dave