Fishing in a Float Tube!!

We always love doing new things in the outdoors, and fishing out of a float tube was nothing short of being new! What a unique way to slip into smaller bodies of water to do a little fishing and relaxing. Highly recommend trying this sport!

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Larry Smith has been a full time Wisconsin fishing guide & professional angler for 30 years!!

He specializes in Wisconsin Walleye fishing on:
– Lake Winnebago
– Lake Poygan
– Lake Butte Des Morts
– Petenwell Flowage
– Castle Rock Flowage
– The Bay of Green Bay
– Big Green Lake

We are partnered with various hunting outfitters and professional whitetail hunters.

We have a team of professional fishing guides to help you learn fishing techniques, fishing secrets, and offer fishing tips, niche fishing & current outdoor fishing reports.

It is our mission to involve youth in the outdoors to help preserve our future outdoor generation, we strive to put dignity and heritage back into the outdoors.

The only fishing & hunting show filmed un-scripted & aired the same week, 52 weeks a year!

Larry Smith Outdoors is about getting more people involved in the outdoors!

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Do you still do guides

Magic World by Jörg

<<<a cool video keep up the great content.. Thank you..

Jerry Kegel

Spouse one could Grab a Gator Tail for Propulsion! you Fells Have A Great Day!

Jerry Kegel

Propelled by Swim Fins?

Mark Huber

Cool topic and looks like alot of fun. Since I don’t drink anymore I’m less likely to poke a hole in it. 🤦🏻

Jerry Kegel

Was Quinmeister riding that drone?

Jerry Kegel

“Those Skinny legs are Muskie bait…

Jerry Kegel

“Doesn’t work very Good in our Gator infested waters…. (Lol)