Fishing the WORST spot in Town!! (Can I Catch Fish??)

Fishing the worst fishing spot that I know of.. Can I Catch Fish?? I take you guys with me to one of my childhood ponds that used to be absolutely fire fishing. Over the years it has taken a downturn into one of the worst ponds. The past few years I haven’t caught anything out of this water.. will that change today?? I did not expect for this to happen..

Again, I want to thank each and every one of you for the support! At the time of this upload we just passed 479,000 I’m having so much fun making these videos, lets keep this rolling!

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Setup: 6’10 Lew’s Mach Smash
17lb fluorocarbon

Edited by: @Ele_creative on IG


Let me know if you guys like these bass fishing videos and if you’d want to see more pond hopping fishing videos like this!


Film/Edit Equipment:
-Final Cut Pro X

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Fishing was done in Delaware


tight lines

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If you hit that thumbs up button it would be super appreciated!! Thanks for watching yall!

marcus cerff

"Let's freakin go" lmfao its a 4 incher

David Jackson

Creek fishing and pond fishing

Dã Ngoại Cùng Hòa



Any vid you make I’ll watch but my personal favorite are saltwater vids

CJ Pantoja

Can you do a video with shad?? Frozen and live bait?

Brody Lawlor

I went back and watched your video first video of 2017

Joan Lynch

Someone needs to pull back that green curtain, so that they can grow bigger!

McDonald employee

I thought that was the grass not the lake

Saved By Grace Outdoors

I like the pond fishing videos.

Teamcoastal Sportfishing

We should try tog fishing in the Indian river inlet on the rocks

Go Irish0710

Caught my PB out of the middle pond. Solid 3.5Lber by the tree with the scrap metal in the water


Are you doing fall trout fishing this weekend?

Brad Wells

Ponds like that likely have 1-2 sizeable (3-4lb) fish swimming around. I like to through smaller baits around in these types to see just how many and what types of fish are around.

Patrick Noon

I wanna see you Texas rig it and punch thru the scum

all American Elliott

I have the same rod and reel combo


Hello from Russia bro. I am fisherman too


Dude your the G.O.A.T I can fish the best lake in my area and not get a bite and then you go out there and catch fish in a terrible pond.

Sean Williams

It’s time for another nostalgic vid! Fishing the OG Delaware falls where you used to catch trout back then! I’ve been craving for this vid for a while! Then again I’m from europe, so I don’t know when trout are allowed and when they aren’t in Delaware, but keep it in mind! Keep going! I’m a subscriber and haven’t missed a vid from the start😎😎!

Lyhour Media

Nice video from Cambodia

Douglas Fletcher

Fish this pond again with a hollow bodied frog!

C W123

Todd gurley pond lol


oh shit i fish there all the time. good to know that it’s not just me that has trouble

Trey Pfister

Todd gurley joke was great

Glorious Leader

high of 57 dang.. that's winter down south! Still getting near 90 here some days. ready for it to cool down some and boy does it need to rain!

Jeffery Thompson

The answer to why the fishing isn’t what it was in that pond is simple, it’s a public pond a decent amount of people know ab, therefore it’s got a lot of pressure so the fish have become wise and don’t really bite, that’s the case for a lot of public ponds, that’s when you find a spot thats more hidden it’s usually pretty juice.

Fishlicker's world

Not bad for the worst fishing spot in town. The weeds in water make it difficult to get the fish out but all in all it looks like a nice little pond. Sometimes people say that a particular spot is the worst because they do not want other anglers to fish it :). Keep up making great and funny videos.

trap trap.

Make more pond and trout videos, I'm obsessed with your trout videos I binge watch them for hours!!! Lmfao

Fox Tenson

I can bet I know why the fish disappeared out of there. All that algae on the surface at Lake means somebody's over fertilizing or it's retention pond. When that stuff dies back in the fall it ends up on the bottom of the water column decomposes over winter and sucks up all the oxygen creating fish kills. That place would probably be a sweet fishing spot if they cut back on the fertilizer. That green algae is a killer for ponds it's happened to a few my old childhood spots and it sucks.

Cody Siow

Haha "alright laddys"


Do a freshwater baits & lures in saltwater and a saltwater baits & lures in freshwater challenge.


I've been fishing them 3-4 ponds for 3 years and never got anything. I would definitely see them tho, Some of the biggest bass I've ever seen in DE.

Chrissy 5420

Go catch a catfish

wait what

why are you not tossing into the grass and letting it sink in between?

MD Kamrul Islam

More pond fishing videos 🙏

reel2real fishing

Dang bro the first video of yours I watched you were fishing this spot

Matt Felver

I had a spot. First time I hooked a carp. I was hooked. I got it on a fly I was just going for blue gill when I was like 15. It grabbed it the fight was awesome. Fished it for about 2 summers. Then one day me n my ex were walking the bike path for the whole channel and their were so many dead carp on the sides. I think the odnr put something in the water to kill em. I know there invasive n all but man that really killed my fun. They have started showing up again though.

juan cardoza

You should try to make a video of f taking a trip to Idaho and fish over here man that would be awesome


You and logan my 2 young bulls that fish fish! Lol salute


Fishing starts at 3:10

Paul Bohn

Mix up your videos like your doing gives more to watch love all your videos


Most likely the fish disappeared due to the change in the pond. You said their are more weeds and it's clearer so there are less nutrients in the water and that much weeds in such a small pond suck up the oxygen when the die off and cause fish kills.


Why do american use such stupidly oversized hooks and reel in like they have a 5second time limit. I'd love this guy to come try some proper course fishing


Come fish up north. Brandywine creek calling