Fishing With Lure Shaped Lollies!?!

Fishing With Lure Shaped Lollies!?!
Cheers for viewing and i hope you all enjoyed 🙂

My Instagram – @josh.dfishing

Rod – Millerods Grubfreak
Reel – Daiwa Revelry MQ 2500
Braid – 6lb J-braid
Leader – 8lb FcRock
Lollies – Fish Candy

This is not a sponsored video but if you’d like to check these lollies out I’ll leave a link below.

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Renee Sharwood

This is sick

Mick Kynes

Just emphasized what Malcom Douglas said. " fish will eat anything you put in front of them ". I remember him putting strips of plastic bags on his hook and catching some solid fish for his dinner.


Hey mate didn't know your giving give aways.


Hey Joshy not sure if you've gone over it before but what lenses do you have in your makos? Are they the rose base green mirror lens?

Jake Scott

Hey Josh where do you fish and what state

Brendon Mackay

I'd end up with a hook in my mouth for sure! You should start a patreon bro

Howard Davey

Just ordered 3 packets. Should be fun pranking mates !!!!

Dan Trenchard Harry

could send some to try someo fish iwith and some to eat I love lollies and fishing. do ty some ctch and cook where ever you goto on esch dpeckes You catch and try tonslwsys take home a feed

john doe

Fuck you're such a legend cunt haha keep it up bro 🤙

limit kazu

anyone have some brim lure recomendations

vicki curran

Lotta fun Josh, thanks. One question what knot do you use for braid to leader please? Look forward to your videos each time. Thanks.


The kid from tazzy that came up with them actually intended people to use them as lures! He said he hated seeing old plastics getting thrown away because they didn't catch anything or got too old.

destiny of purpose

4:55 shot sound?


Can u do a 2023 fishing tackle update video next ? Pld

Archie fishing

your my favourite youtuber

Donna Naughton

That was a fun episode.
Is there anything you can’t catch fish with?
Well done, thanks for another great vid once again. Keep them coming mate

max torode

awsome vid i love watching them all the time and would you ever come to WA

Brett Wood

What the heck mate.
Never seen anything like this before. 😂😂😂

j b

you said you were going to eat a lollie after you caught a fish on it
so i wanted you to eat that yellow one you sat on the flattys head ☹☹
do you get permission to go there or is it a public area just wondering

Craig Randell

Tips for bream and flatty? I’ve been away from salt fishing for a while and the last few times I’ve been out I can’t catch a thing in salt water

Mr Kek Man

Love the videos brother keep it up.
1+ new Sub


You can catch monsters on things like lollies and hot chips and I can barely catch anything on a real lure? 😂


Twistie challenge? Using chips or twisties as bait.
Time based challenge? Aim for a certain number of fish in a certain time.
Species challenge? target fish, like flatty, to win you need to hit like 3-5 in a row.

MMH Fishing

Great entertainment and your my favourite YouTuber

MMH Fishing

Love this content for bream and flathead

Yep! Ultralight Fishing

Atleast with these if they are too big you can just bite then down 🙂

Yep! Ultralight Fishing

7:33 you missed the dad joke opportunity "eye"deal place

Yep! Ultralight Fishing

Semi vegan bait fishing









Anthony Cox

Another great video champion, I gave the snakes a go, after your video using them, and caught two flathead on them, great content Josh, keep them coming mate,


Hey Josh, How do you reckon starting to get intolure fishing? great video

Bad Lord Boris

Nice vid, hope you get your bass boat one day.