GIANT Trout Fishing in TINY MOUNTAIN LAKE!!! (Catch & Cook)

I return to a tiny mountain lake to go Giant Trout fishing! We were fishing for Trout in the last episode and finished our trout catch & cook at this small alpine pond where we discovered a population of really big Trout!

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Gear Used:
Ultralight Rod:
Ultralight Reel:
Water Filter:
Cooking Kit:
Pocket Rocket Stove:
Esbit Stove:
Solar Charger:
Battery Packs:
Iodine Tablets:
GoPro Hero9:

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Dương Phạm

bÌnh yÊn quÁ! tuyỆt vỜi!

Richard Figueroa

That was an exciting episode. The last trout man wow haha such a fight.

Jakob Schubert

The Deutschland Fly always works 😂

Alex K

Love the videos. I'm new to fishing in general but after watching I feel like I got a chance. Maybe you could do a video of you apprenticing someone new? Either way great videos.

Bhim Biswa

You are the best!
Love to see what you do.
God bless you brother


probably my favourite fishing youtuber

Ajay Uddin

I must have heard monster and giant 100 times in this video, overall great content keep up the good work.!!

Kari Frazier

Great channel, my 16 year old son loves it. Any chance you would share what area you are in during this video? General area? We are in Western Washington too!

Sean Kerr

Yes hello , dig your content, fish you catch and cook always taste the best !

Prawesh Bhattarai

Love from nepal 🇳🇵 please do reply

Billy Norton

Lol good to see you enjoying yourself ….

Richard Sarett

Leif! Thanks and congrats on half a million subscribers! 👏 we NWF addicts eagerly await the next ones!

Afif Suhayl

Dude chilll😂 relax

Ian Bowes-Taylor

you are supposed to move ,ie retrieve the fly then the trout chases it

Mac Wood

Hi Leif! I was curious about the type of fly rod/reel you use???

Ned Joe

Awesome Fly fishing Video 👌🏾🤘🏾✌🏾👍🏾

Joshua Covey

Awesome video congrats at 500k.

Vagarth Tripathi

I think he was depressed(the fish)

Stone Cold

mannnn wish I could join you someday!

Jeremy Hood

Bro I wish I had your attitude. * Fly Gets stuck in the tree* oh look some blue berries 😂😂

Cori Deering

Ditch that dang fly rod and stick to the bullet lure! You getting that thing stuck all over the place was so aggravating lmao

Slim Stro

you should heat up ur tortilla over a fire or on ur little pan it will taste 100% way better. Love your videos man

Jennifer Jay

Do you scale the fish as well or just leave the skin alone and just let it get crispy?

Jason Davison

Where's the yellow van ??? We're missing it!

Jason Bates

Love watching you life. My 4 year old calls you the fishing guy

Ethan Daniel

Awesome video man. I’m glad I subscribed to your channel. Really love this type of content.

Brian Mahar

Sorry, new here! Have you done a review of your tent?!

Anthony Vivardo

Great videos! Being that your videos are in the wilderness have you ever had an encounter with a Bear?

Jeff Konstanzer

Great episode, glad you were able to hook the big ones

Billy Rhea

You need a small top water crappie lure

Leona Scherer

What a wopper! Nice hidden lake. Best video ever.


what lake is this?


I life in the netherland and you made me want to come to america to experience the same adventures so bad . Cant wait to go there


Hey man took a bus from Redding to Eureka and got to see mount Shata.