Girl moves car with rolling jack stand

Girl moves car with EZVJack rolling jack stand.

The EZVJack rolling jack is a stable platform that easily moves a large vehicle around a shop on a hard surface, allowing you to work on more than one vehicle and store a car without hurting the tires or suspension. Once on EZVJacks, you are able to move the vehicle safely with one person. The larger caster wheel diameter makes swiveling easier and rolling resistance much less than smaller casters on auto wheel dollies. So easy even your girl could move your car around the garage. EZVJack has three casters in a tripod position so all three wheels of the rolling jack are always in contact with the ground. It fits easily around a hydraulic jack.

The EZVJacks come in sets of two giving you one for the back of the vehicle and one for the front. It allows you adjustable width with locking pins.

The 2 inch wide and 8 inch in diameter phenolic wheels are resilient to fluids, light, beveled and hard enough to have light rolling resistance, while also swiveling easily even up to 1500 lbs. The 17 inch height of EZVJack is within the lifting capacity of most hydraulic jacks but yet not too high to be unstable. It is a very easy level to work on your car and push against. You could have the whole suspension or front or back of your car missing and the EZVJack can still support your vehicle allowing it to be stored, worked on, or placed out of the way as parts are ordered.

EZVJack, the tool every shop will want.
– allows easy storage of your vehicle
– brings the car up to a level that body work and repair is easier and more ergonomic
– Brake, wheel, and suspension work can be done easily without tying up a lift
– extreme adaptability to working situations make it a most valuable addition to the production crew or even the hobbyist who wants to
– makes efficient use of your work space
– move vehicles easily around the garage with ONE PERSON

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Noir Hare

Soon, titles like this will be classic and taboo

whimsy stupid

But wait there's more! Order today and get not one but two EZVjacks for only $1,700! Or you could just buy wheel dollies for a fraction of that and not worry about a gigantic clunky one-off contraption that the car might fall off of.

มนตรี ศรีพุฒทอง

Work it

alexander martin

wait. what's it called?

Gary Heckenliable

Even your girlfriend can move it ? You might want to change that remark. just sayin

Marty NoBS

Women get a pass…over and over

cf mechanic

Title should read girl in flip flops moves car

Mr. Diamond Hans

How do i get it under my car?


I know a lot of car guys in the hurricane belt that would appreciate these lol

Debra Corey

I had to rent a cherry picker to hoist the engine on the stand and⊳⊳> fortunately the width of the stand rolled in between the legs of the hoist to make that task a snap. I'm using the stand for a Ford 5.0 H.O. engine out of a 1990 Mustang which weighs about 450 lbs. The stand doesn't deflect at all. The cast wheels roll easy too.

Bottle Jack Buddy

Very cool.


Even your girlfriend can move it all by herself? Can a wife or daughter do it? What about a grandmother? Are there any restrictions for men when it comes to moving a car? Oh, wow! TWO girls can move a car IN FLIP-FLOPS and cut-off shorts! I can't believe that.

Tiffany Abdulrasheed

Watching the booty. Don’t care bout the jack.

Matt Seals

Very good content you possess there.

Username Taken

What a sexist video!

Arnold Tarbooz

Those are not my gfs.. they are lesbians ! my gfs are hotter, much much hotter – also can you say EZV Jacks again ?

Ryan Mills

Shut up and take my money


When I designed the EZVJacks, the barn I was to use them in had an incline down to the drain. It was only 1 or 2% but the car wanted to go down to the center while on the units. That's the reason I chose to use the lockable vertex Caster. When this is locked you can actually go parallel with a slight incline and it will not go down towards the center. It does have locks on the vertex wheel but in the instructions I recommend chocks to be used so the car does not actually shift position.


This is very dangerous on inclined surfaces, even if slightly inclined. One could get ran over if the car rolls by itself. Is there a mention of a brake lock on this thing?

Fried Mule

1:24 what car? Something distracted me:-)


i wish my concrete floor was that smooth .. i think they used a block of wood to trowel mine ,,lol … no slip texture and 40 years of salt damage

Blue Carbon

I want one, but I don't have a garage.

DealMaker ProfitTaker


James Bond 007

what about a dead 50s Cadillac in Dirt or gravell ? lol

River Worm

Wearing sandals in a car shop shows this company puts safety at the top of their list.

Aldo Petrella

looks good.

Bruce Greg

I know the pair of EZV Jacks are $1,000., But how much is the cute little blonde that can push cars around the shop??

no no

Dat ASS!


do the girls come with it ???


that blonde though


Take the jacks and vehicle outside onto pavement where there are little rocks and let's see the girls in flip flops push it around.


1200 $ lol
Are you crazy ? it's just basic welding job on steel plates and square.


Hard to get a good look at the cars with those girls in the way.


im sold going to look to see what car i want jack that puupy on these jacks and push it home


can you is it for jacking cars on the street

k bob

Is that a Factory 5 car at the beginning I see?

Sam Mcwindy

it costs WAY TOO much!

RV Beginner Winnebago Adventurer '97

I wonder if this could move a playhouse? OR is rentable someplace near northern illinois?


forget the blond… does that sick looking ss come with the v Jack?


Adding hot girls to your product to help it sell only helps if your product is ALREADY successful….


After watching this.. it will be EZ to JACK to the V's but in all honestly this looks like a great product especially for shops.

Or malibu

blonde girl short pant look so good


How much for the women?

brandon postelle

its not the frame holding up on these that would worry me, the wheels are another story.

Or malibu

how much $

Arthur Kirk

Awesome invention and demonstration.


that's one way to teach girls to parallel park


These look great, they aren't jack they're rolling stands. Can you club under them or will the topple over?


seriously, u need to stop saying EZVjack so much, ya I get the theory it ingrains the idea into your customers minds so they never forget it. however its also annoying, for those short 30 sec commercials you can get away with it, but repeating it every 10 sec or less for 2:31 sec is overkill.