Google Pixel 6a vs Samsung Galaxy S21 FE camera comparison! (Best value camera phones!)

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE camera! Google Pixel 6a camera! Galaxy S21 FE vs Pixel 6a camera!! Pixel 6a vs Galaxy S21 FE camera! Pixel 6a vs S21 FE camera! Pixel 6a vs Galaxy S21 Fan Edition! Galaxy S21 FE vs Pixel 6a battery! FE vs Pixel 6a speed!

Hi everyone, this is JD, your gadget review friend. Welcome and welcome back to gadgetrevnow!

This is the battle of the two of best value camera phones from cameras to processor. Google’s Pixel 6a with tensor chip and Samsung S21 Fan edition boasting snapdragon 888.

Today, we’re doing a camera comparison of both phone, both also has flagship camera’s but more affordable.

Google Pixel 6a has the sensor from last generation’s Pixel 5 while Samsung S21 Fan edition is has the sensors from the previous Samsung S21. Both are being sold for a really good pruce today.

I expect great battle today, lets begin!

– Samsung Galaxy S21 FE –
More saturated
4K selfie recording
Manages the highlights better
Better exposure
Better noise reduction
Slower slow motion
Wider FOV on rear Portrait Mode
Better Night shot
Better low light video
3x optical zoom

– Google Pixel 6a –
Natural looking
Manages the flaring better
Better contrast
Great bokeh

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nandu vandu

Just ordered pixel 6a got it for 27800 around in flipkart BBD SALE ….

Martand Gupta

I would prefer pixel on most occasions is same or does better …except 4k video ..but samsung can't compete with software that pixel has also batyery life is a concern on Samsung also price difference of 5k

Planting With Pablo

can you da a s21fe stock and gcam comparison ???

Nirmala Devi

Bro, which is best to buy in ur opinion (Realme 9pro plus Vs Pixels 6a?


how different is galaxy s21 Fe Exynos ver from snapdragon one ???

Aditya Tyagi

Which one is better to post on social media ?? Specially low light condition video recording on snapchat ?


Cant Pixel camera be improved by some free Google apps?

Sanam Sharma

Thank you sir for such a detailed analysis.


Is it possible to install GCam on the S21FE?

Ranajit Hore

I was waiting for this video and watching from my S21 FE now. I'm glad to know that I made no mistake. Was very confused between these two. Thanks a lot for the comparison. ❤ from INDIA 🇮🇳

Jitendra Singh

Samsung is giving 3x optical zoom for potrait & that's make huge different because subject will popup to background and give us dslr look

I am slightly confusing about processor? SD888 & Exynos 2100🤔

Because if samsung give SD 888 then we also can download google camera mod APK

I don't have knowledge about Exynos 2100….

Nik Maverik

Got s21 fe at around 400 dollars, very satisfied with the device 😊


First of all, where where did you get that case for the pixel 6a!? It's looks soo good😭

O&A My way

Very nice video 👍
Your s is an Exynos version or snapdragon?
I ordered S21FE, better display and feature rich n have VFM for little more money.
😊 🙏

Blessen Daniel

What's the brand of fe's back case?


Plz give me any phone 😭😭
Who is so rich
I am using Samsung j1 from 2017😭

Philipp P. King

Writing this on my Pixel 6a while my S21 FE (SD888) lies at home waiting to be sold. Even though images of both phones can be similar good, the ones from the P6a have way more life in it and often look more realistic. A thing that bareley gets talked about is the shutter lag of the S21 FE. Even after taking the photo, you have to stand still for ~1sec or the image gets blurred -> even in good light. Pretty annoying. No problems with the Pixel here. If you like filming loud events like concerts – the Samsung mics are better for this.



Hanshul Mohan

love you bhai, great video, keep it up the hardwork my friend

suresh t

Pixel 6a heat issue is there?

Mark Southwell

Both very good. Prefer the Samsung generally including video. Then again if I wanted top notch video I'd opt for an iPhone



kousik gain

Man this was a much needed video right now for INDIAN viewers for the ongoing sales. Very much appreciated.

eph ants

I love pixel phones sadly walang store dito sa Pinas. I even bought my pixel 4 abroad but now I am in the Philippines hirap mag upgrade ng pixel kasi ipapaship ko pa hahaha. Pero thank you sa mga videos mo kabayan mas binibigyan mo kami ng new insights kng dapat ba talaga mag upgrade agad ng pixel device

Max Madrid

I was waiting for this video, good work

Terry hawkins

Lo podrías comparar con el pixel 6 normal !?

Terry hawkins

Tengo el S21 fe y pensaba cambiarme al pixel 6a pero viendo tu vídeo me quedo con el fe

Mark Mergais

i love the fact na feature mo po sa chanel mo mga old phones na mas afford na now price compare ng unang released nila

Akhilesh Kohli

Samsung s21fe best 👍

Arjun N A

Do you feel like the 1080p front facing video from 6a is better than 4k from samsung in the first video?