Gruesome Discoveries While Fishing

Creepy stuff.

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Kenneth Davis

Great fishing 🎣

Magic World by Jörg

<<<a cool video keep up the great content.. Thank you…

B.J. Harris

Cool video like always sir. Sir I also wanted to wish you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

Anthony Foutch

Back in 70s I was catfishing at night at a flooding creek catching fish. We were actually trespassing. An unmarked car pulls up on bridge with blue lights on. He signaled for us so I thought we were busted. The cop said a woman with 2 small girls tried to cross the creek where there was no bridge but a concrete slab. Her car stalled so she told girls to wait in car while she went for help. The girls panicked left the car and drowned. We stood on top a bridge watching but they didn't find bodies until the next day. It was a terrible night but after that they built a bridge.

Micah Lambert

I was stationed there for 8 years and never even thought of fishing those canals on the back gate dunno if there’s much back there but ya make me wanna go try someday

Kevan Smith

Did you at least get some PJ's to stave off the wet cold?

Antonio Marsh

Man that looked Like a whole catfish. Not a carcass. But a whole catfish. Thats just a waste to take a kill food and not eat it. Coukdve found someone to give it to at least. OR just stop fishing if ur not a responsible fisherman

Joe Ziegler

Them were Chupacabra remains that you found Mark! lol Keep up the great work!

Maile McDevitt

Kick ass video m Hood.

Leslie Byrum

Yeah you're right happy turkey day

Robert Gildea

I am watching from Elmira NY may the Lord Jesus bless your Thanksgiving God bless

Keith Rowe

Very true about the gruesome discoveries while fishing. Back in June, my son and I found a dead body on the side of the road

Steve Catron

Thank you Mark for the always wonderful content. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving

Mark Fletcher

Cool stuff. You are one hardcore fisherman. It's an inspiration. I need to get off my butt and get to the water or woods.

Herman Price

Soak the Cichlids inside chicken liver cups or rooster liver cups might help make them good bait

Herman Price

I believe I'd been taking home a large pepperoni & ham w/extra cheese

Glenn Slaton III

Would soaking ciclids in Vietnamese fish oil before freezing help with making it more attractive?



Jesse Johnson

Could the skins possibly be fox?

Michael Newsome

Thanks Mhood I appreciate you and what you are doing. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be blessed

Shawn T

Good video Mark

Fn Ln

The smell of pizza messes with me too … yyr … nice sakobait! 👍👍

Mike Conley IV

#1 fan love your videos M Hood


I hope you got a pizza!

Always enjoy.

• SaltRock

YYR! 🐪


Thanks Mark. Woke early this morning, and was happy to catch your video when it first was posted! Happy Thanksgiving. I appreciate you, bro.

Ian Ursino

Keep up the great videos

Alonzo Washington