GTA economy in a nutshell

GTA inflation is real

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I do not own the in-game brand Mors Mutual Insurance nor am I affiliated by any means with Rockstar Games or TakeTwo interactive. This channel is a parody of the insurance company within Grand Theft Auto V and is never intended to do harmful things.

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Bill Gates

What kind of psycho actually buys shark cards? Just turn on airplane mode when you get the mission complete message at the end of a heist and you can keep redoing the finale as many times as you like and the one sub heist only requires 2 people and takes less than 8 minutes to complete and you each get a couple mil I just did that for a week and was able to buy everything and upgrade everything. Then I discovered modding and the game is no longer fun


thats why you just buy a modded account for like 5 quid



HUN Titan

Instead of buying 100 dollar shark card, buy a 20 dollar lifetime undetected cheat and add money


Honestly.. it’s way WAY easier to make money now than ever before. But this video was still funny lol

Big Smoke

Thank gawd I got 4 bil from a hacker. I can just open Online like once in two years, check out what's available, maybe buy it, mess around with it and close the game

Chad Hellgado

I still remember the beach bum DLC coming out and everything was free unlike today


gta online forces u to cheat

Simo Koistinen

Me: That portable granade launcher is too expensive for me ($45K)
Also me: Buys $30K car just to modify it first in repair shop and then at Benny´s for total of $500K


Why tf is the galaxy yacht a real life $100 😭 the captain keeps calling to remind a brother the boat is there

Mauricio Rocha

Cayo perico bug….


GTAO is the only game where an RC truck costs more than an actual car

Savage Youth


A Toaster

I mod accounts I have eBay listings and listings on G2G, $20 gets you 300m, $60 gets you 800m


Bro It's crazy how people don't get tired of driving around Los Santos. I've seen Franklin michael and trevor more than I've seen my own dad in the past 10 years

Marlon Mier

Me as Venezuelan: Home.

Nick Umstead

I miss the days when the Adder was the most expensive super car


And I hate the Shark Card prices as well. You want the minimum to buy the average new car? Drop $25 on a single car. Economy shot up like a missile after the PS4/Xbox One generation.

O r a n g e P l a y z z

You forgot the part where you get blown up a few times before you even get to LSC

Ash J. Bartlett

Why would you buy a car in GTA? Isn’t that completely against the point?


The classical song half way thru the vid should be Hungarian Rhapsody by Franz Liszt
(first heard it on Tom and Jerry tbh)

Jared Murage

Trying to save up and not to spend immediately is basically NNN

Philip Mills

Fully agree with everyone here i do! Join Grand RP role play aka rid yourself from Console or Rockstars servers and build yourself on Grand RP! I left console along time ago, occassional check back here and there, but pc Grand theft role play so much better! No more OP play/weapons or vehicles, no more toxic griefing or tryhards that destroy your experience. You instead can be your own actual Grand theft auto criminal mastermind like you wished Rockstar allowed without gouging out your eyes, spirit/ soul and heart! Anyone interested? Here on Grand RP even where yes you can spend to play you at least dont deal with broken economy! Also it'd not ideal to spend in role play! Let me know if your interested in joining a whole new experience one that doesn't rip you off!

Gunter Gunterson

8 mill for 100 $ ahahaha
i spent 10 $ on a moneydrop back on ps3 and still have over 10 Billion FUCK ROCKSTARGAMES

Hoobert Clips

U know it was only right to end the video off with someone blowing up bc that is gta online in a nutshell

RFS Pilot



anyone understand why people on pc spam the chat with like numbers n squares n shit. i see that everfytime i log on


The only fun part about gta imo is heists.. first thing a new player needs to buy is a kosatka, do their first Cayo perico and buy the sparrow with their first big paycheck. Then the game is endlessly more fun

my intestinal track hurts

Thanks rockstar. Very cool


The PERFECT depiction how Take 2 and rockstar ruined a great game. 🤣 I love it.😋


The constant spending habits is a plague to us all

äyy lmoa

Money glitches are pretty easy now so life is good

Nico Mößmer

its funny that in the ps3 age you was working really hard to earn really any money and now you get easy money but you still cant afford things

Gary Freeman

Never had a problem with money in GTA. Play the game right and it's easy. Never needed to buy shark cards or glitch.


If you could sell your ingame money back to rockstar, you could probably earn about $10 an hour, which is more than the federal minimal wage.