Hiking and Wild Camping in the Highlands of Scotland | The Fjallravan Classic UK

I was kindly sent on the first ever Fjallraven classic in the UK by my good friends at Nordic Outdoors. The event was flawless and everyone volunteering did a great job in supplying us with food, water and treats at the checkpoints along the way. The party at the end was a night I’ll remember for a long time and I’ll definitely be back next year for more of the same. Check out Nordic Outdoors below for a Haze discount and check out Becky and Jake for more outdoorsy content.

Thanks for watching

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Much love. Hazy

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ProfHort Sunlover

girl outdoors has had a crush on you for years imho, meeting you must be a dream come true! who is her gay bestie? jake somethin?

Bob Banks

That river crossing early on the video. What happened to the bridge just a wee bit upstream? Is it gorn? Or was everyone playing follow the leader

Stephen Smither

Suprised you didn’t use ‘the one’ any particular reason ? Great content btw

The Wilks Our Life

That looks amazing to do. Defo up my street that.

Graham Brierton



Nice walk that up to the pools of dee i live not far from there just outside a village called Aboyne you maybe drove through thereunless you came over Glenshee. You can carry on walking to Aviemore great walk and stunning scenery glad you enjoyed it also some awesome wild swimming pools up there passed linn o dee to linn of qoich at the devils punch bowl.

Alan Gauld

I did that same hike last year (with a couple of Munros thrown in too) but took 3 days rather than 2. Love the Southern Cairngorms, but not so keen on doing it in a crowd.

Matt W

The shroom video, maybe 2 years ago? Randomly appeared as recommended and I clicked on it. Thanks for all the videos and making me smile mate, fucking legend 👊 thank you.

Dogman Doug

Looks like you all had a good Craic. Last time i saw legs like Jakes, they were hanging from a Birds Nest 😅 stay Blessed all

Matt W

Buzzing off how you are buzzing Brother, thank you 👊

tom byfield

Excellent! 🥄

David S

Communal Hiking, plus an Inflorescence of Influencers, with Folk Dancing just when you thought it couldn't get any better. Crikey! Well at least you're all safely contained in one place…

felicity hoyle

Two ways of journeying. Those who love the journey itself and those who love the end.

Father Damo2

Personally, like other Ultra runners, I could have easily completed this in a day. By rushing through the event and not taking your time you missed so much and also the party at tent city (Irn Bru whisky checkpoint). Would have been a great addition to your video and to actually show what the event is about, enjoying nature, taking your time and meeting lots of like minded folk from all around over the world. Maybe next year you'll approach it differently.

Girl Outdoors

Loved the video! Thanks for an amazing few days 😊

Bob Outdoors

Looked like an absolute amazing trip.

Ewen Cameron

Too many people getting channeled through at the same time. I'd hate that and I expect the environment did as well.

jack simper

Why did you put a stone on the cairn ?


Anybody go on this who paid the £200? or was everyone on a freebie from their you tube sponsors?


What a great event! I’ll have to look out for that one next year! We’re off to the Lakes in October & Nordic Outdoors is always on our shopping list ❤ Another great video, Hazy. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇳🇴

Ric Atkins

Paul. You are naturally funny, and totally entertaining 😅

Mark Braithwaite

Glad you pointed out not following the guy in front, people should learn to navigate, maybe I'm not going where your going? Amount of times I've been followed during random routes and people have asked where are we? I'm like I'm where I should be but after some questions I'm like you should be over there, like 2 valleys away! I'll set them right but never assume, it makes an ASS out of U and ME

Trina Maclean- CanSurvive&Thrive

Beautiful. I'll make it to Scotland someday. Putting that magical thought into the universe.😊


Superb video that mate , looked like an amazing time

a wraith

No camping zone in Scotland??


Proper little hobbit rave up back at the shire😂🎉

Going Vagrant

Great video and another great place. This is just what I need.

roger howis

Hazy you are on top form. Great to see !!!

Garry Andrews

Best adventure mate! Loved it 😊

Dale Robertson

This is just the best content. Looks like you had such a good laugh with like minded folk, nothing better than that. Keep smashing it Hazy. Sending you all the best wishes from Scotland. Come back again!

gee goudge

Great adventure, great people. Gonna put that on things to do list. Big up to Nordic Outdoors as well.

Pete Lumley

Loved this one mate, you are so humerus and knowledgeable. You should get together with Becks n Jake