Horse Insurance Explained (RDR2 ONLINE)

If you’re confused on RDR2 horse insurance, this video should help explain what it is and if you actually need it.

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Really quick video that explains it well, thanks.

Eric Kort

ok im at the stable,horse insurance isnt high lighted or clickable

Eric Kort

i fast traveled to armidillo,i spawned close to the railroad trackjs,my horse got got smacked.i revived n again when train left,i couldnt revive,i just closed the game,i got my horse back..thank goid

Toaster Master

Thank you


I lost my horse permanently and I didn't have horse insurance


Straight and clear amazing vid

Liquid James

Good info but it is annoying listening to u when u just tryna drag the video ojt


my horse died because I accidentally left it on the train tracks it was so sad it was just living life wagging its tail than died RIP Valentino III 1896 1899

Mikey Millions

That's not how it works. All you have to do is select your horse and go into the menu where it say horse care package (don't buy it) then leave. Your horse will be healed for free

Luke Schofield

You don't need to pay the horse care package!!!!!!!!!! Literally just go to manage owned horses, click on your horse so it comes up, then leave the stables and you'll have it back

Brie Blade

Thanks for this. Nice and to the point

Daníel Kristjánsson

But if your horse is bonding level 4 and is killed on any way and you don't have Horse insurance, your horse will restart at bonding level 1 again and all progress will be lost.

zack rider

Thnx man saved my time i love my horse just bought it its a muti one blue color its the collector one

Seeks Knowledge

Lol horse insurance

J.J. Lukas

Yes, BUT Horse Insurance is FREE for your first horse when you first get it — why not get it and save the $4 vet bill each time it dies?!


Why would you pay five gold when you can just pay 8 bucks? Or does the five gold permanently stick with that horse?


or you can just walk into a stable exit and boom got your horse back


it doesn't cost 5 gold bars rockstar changed that to $125 dollars


It slipped and fell


Whores insurance.


Shits a rip off someone killed my horse with insurance and I still had to pay


Thank you so much such a good vid

The Hippo God

You’re horse can’t be permanently gone if it dies even if you don’t have insurance right???

lVlr Buu

Thanks for the vid I thought if he died he's gone forever so I kept stealing horses till I had 125 dollars to get the insuramce


What about in story mode

Max Tarnacki

Wait do I have to buy the care package to get it heeled and alive or can I take it out and feed it?


Do you have to buy horse insurance for every horse you own?
Or does it count for all you’re horses?


Thank you Jeebster……. :o)

Канал Стича

Is horse insurance worth $ 125 now?

Nade 0957

Tnx bro


Useless my horse died once never used reviver either I'll pay the 4$ it's happened to me once since day 1! Insurance isn't worth the $ or the Gold on a Free horse!

Shinji reference

I have a problem, literally 70% of the time i whistle, bitch ass scrawny nag comes. I always have to go to the stable and get my horse from there, and when i die or complete a mission, scrawny nag comes instead of my horse, it’s pissing me off. I bought horse insurance thinking it will fix the problem but it didnt do crap


This was real helpful, thank you.




$7.50 for dead horse, and $9 for horse reviver 🤨

I think R* are bad at math…jezz these prices 😒

Fadi Rached

You can also pay the fee to get your horse by pressing left on the dpad then stables then owned horses then select your horse


The reasons everything is so expensive is because they want to test the money


Ok so i have a bit of a problem… I have to get my horse from the stable everytime i die, go into a race and quit and after missions. Why do i have to get it from the stable even though it didn't die?