Hot Tent Winter Camping In A Windy Forest

In this video I went hot tent winter camping in a windy forest. I enjoy hot tent winter camping in bad weather but high winds make me nervous! It was blowing hard on my hike into camp but when I arrived it calmed down. By the time I went to bed wind gusts were approaching 40 mph (18 m/s) and I had a hard time sleeping from the noise. Even though I picked an open campsite away from dead trees I was still worried that the wind would blow down one of the healthy trees on top of my tent. Thankfully that did not happen! I was also very impressed with my new Pomoly LEO 2 hot tent. It handled the wind like a champ! I was very happy to make it to my car before even stronger winds arrived!

► My Recording Setup: iPhone 13 Pro Max, Rode VideoMic Pro Plus, Manbily YS-254C Tripod

Below is a partial list of gear I used in this video:

►Pomoly LEO 2 Hot Tent:

►Pomoly Lumberjack Wood Stove:

►POMOLY Titanium Kettle 1.0L:

►Mountain Equipment Iceline -22 F Sleeping Bag:

►Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Xtherm Max Sleeping Pad:

►ALPS Mountaineering Ready Lite Cot:

►NEMO Fillo King Pillow:

►Agawa Boreal21 Bow Saw:

►WOOX Forte Hybrid Axe:

►Jetboil Summit Skillet:

►Sea to Summit Alpha 1.2 Liter Pot:

►Outxe Long Handle Silverware:

►Humangear STAX Storage Containers:

►Ledlenser ML6 Lantern:

►Fjellpulken Xplorer 188 Expedition Pulk:

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00:00 Finding Camp
01:21 Pomoly LEO 2 Hot Tent Set Up
08:40 Pomoly Lumberjack Wood Stove Set Up
12:05 Collecting Firewood
15:11 Processing Firewood Pt1
16:49 Starting A Fire
19:13 Processing Firewood Pt2
23:55 Sleep System Set Up
27:33 Cooking Dinner
36:48 Making Coffee
42:03 Breaking Camp

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Have you had a close call with falling branches or a falling tree while camping?

Yavuz Karakoc

On olmus emegine sağlık

Sana Gull

Its amazing having dry woods in snowy area

Sana Gull

Entertaining as always

Олег Надеждин


Natural Flow

My dear friend, you are truly living an absolute adventure moment in life. I enjoy every moment of this video and all the others. I used to have this drive that you have and cherish, I instead got sucked up into this city life. But watching this gives me the courage to find the once-lost spirit of adventure. Thank you so much for creating and sharing this video. Such a positive output to the world 🙂

Farida Ugesta

Menonton video ini saat menjelang tidur sungguh sangat nyaman 😇


日本から いつも楽しみにして観てます



Şahin Kayıkcı

Çadır dı odundu derken yoruldun en zevkli yanı güzel yemekler sıcak çadır eline sağlık severek izliyorum ❤ merak ettiğim tencerede kaynattığın neydi ?

Gilles Blanc

j'ai acheté au début de cet hiver la tente Dome X4 de Pomoly. 2 jours plus tard, après une chute de neige lourde, la neige s'est accumulée sur la tente et l'a fait s'effondrer sur elle même, endommageant les piquets. après avoir contacté Pomoly, le tente n'a pas de garantie et Pomoly ne propose aucun support. Pomoly est une entreprise chinoise à éviter!

Smudolini the Great Dragobear

That noisy fan would drive me nuts!


What about the little fan that was on top of the wood stove ? Where can we get one of those ?

Peter Symons

Thank you

gordon gibson

no no and no hot tent no olenty of noise


tent is a pain in the ass


Brother, you got some of the best content when it comes to camping without talking. So relaxing. So organized and love your gear. I'm going to go through your list of gear and cop some myself. Keep doing what you do. Helps me fall asleep at night.
Thank you. 🍻

Crazy Loner

Great video, don't stop, hello from Ukraine)))

Anıl Veli

Türkiye’den selam 👋👋


항상 즐겁게 봅니다.




당신 보고 있으면 근심걱정이 다 잊을 수 있어서 좋아요.

Free Guy

A crazy person who shoots YouTube because he took all the equipment and stayed warm!! Cut it out.!!

Hari Kristiyanto

Another great video, winter camping always amazing 👍👍

Rich Kerhlikar

I love that sled and covering. And the pull straps!!

Bon Pecheur

Wow ! You got yourself the ferrari of pulk ! Was just looking at them last week and also the harness but found them way too expensive to make them delivered from Europe . Whats your thought on the system ? Does it track well in powdered snow ? Tell me everything 😅 You are well equiped to do Antarctica or the North pole now !

Ohs Road Trip

I love the white snow, the experience is full of fun, I love this video!

Aventuras da Jana

Uauuu que maravilha de acampamento

Anton Prokopets

Ох и артист! Сыхиве дрова рубит 😀. Так нравилс блог! Зачем дурить? Выживальщик это ж кейс не про обман))) очень сильное разочарование. Дизлайк отписка!

Md Fareed

Live from India

Andreas Wolff

In Europa we use C no one knows F. I watch from Frankfurt am Main Germany

Idi Gazama

Sangat indah sekali

Marti Alliaj

Great film thanks again

Laurie Hill

Another GREAT video! What impresses over and over is how much steady 'work' it is to take one of these overnight excursions! I guess keeping busy keeps you warm – hard to judge how much 'relax' time you actually get. Thanks for sharing!



Mykahli Fischer

Awesome video