How to Catch Monster Crappie with the #1 Worlds Best! (Catch Clean & Cook)

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J.J. Clingman

Blue Gabe I’m sorry buddy but I don’t think you are going to hit a million subs this year!!! Maybe next year buddy!!! I definitely hope that you can make it happen in 2023 season!!! Good luck buddy and I’ve been subscribed ever since you started your channel!!! One question I have is how has YouTub changed your life and would you do it again??? What is the best part about it also??? Well buddy remember keep up all the hard work buddy!!!!!

Zach Peters

You don’t have the 50$ DJI insurance policy ?

Brenda Stewart

Love your videos, if I am not mistaken, that's the first time ever seeing anybody eating the backbone of a fish. I enjoy that part of the fish as well as the tail. I never throw as much fish away as I see on videos of filleting fish, maybe I have to pay umpteen amounts for fish. Keep the videos coming!!🙏🙏🎯

Ninety One Adventures

I love Bluegabe and JoeVT collabs. They are hilarious together 😆

Tom Desantis

You need to get livescope for your dad for Christmas

Cameron Vivian

Awesome again!!


That was awesome footage of the crappie👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻Drone should be a business tax write off👊🏻

m stm

Ever try shooting gps tags when hunting with arrows to see where your doe a deer gooo?

Mary Dobson

Hey I live in Mississippi

L.D. Walker

Without fail if I tip the jigs with Crappie nibbles I catch twice the fish

Rick Creel

Joe vt is all 3 and makes Youtube videos go viral! It's a constellation!

Ronald Beatty

Thank not for me having a good day

Adam Molina

What brand of deep fryer is that?

Mac McCollum

Dad loved fishing at Ross Barnett Reservoir. Lived in Jackson from 1964 to 1969. He knew that lake like a pro, could have been a guide. Launched on the south side east of the dam, then would go east to Pelahatchie Creek most of the time. Also had a duck bind on the north side of Pelahatchie Creek west of the bridge. Probably ruined that area with a subdivision. Very fond memories.

Dustin Canty

It's like playing a video game bet I could catch em without all that high tech stuff

Your Outdoors

You need to look at getting a swell pro drone they would be great for your channel. They are waterproof and even will take off from the water. I don't have anything to do with them I just love the drone.

Cheechako In Alaska Everidge

Wow on the vid. Do you think the new blades would stay sharp and handle halibut here in alaska?

Rocky Vickery

I have a new drone body no blades no remote. Looks like the one you have.

keith walker

Gabe love your channel but bought one of the vacuum sealers and it quit working after just a couple of uses and can't get company on line to complain or get another one. FYI and have seen bunch of others on a complaint site who are subscribers who are saying same thing.

Derek Bunner

Is Joey your new girlfriend?

Douglas Johnson

Been a while since we saw Kelly in a Blue Gabe video….wonder what’s going on there.

Ritchie Hostetter

Great video. Keep them coming

Ryan Koehler

Battery, footage, blades, parts.

Cecilia Ngeskebei

Wer is ms.kelly young mr.gabe?

Suellen Gonçalves - Pesca Esportiva

I love your videos, your catches are always amazing, congratulations you are an excellent fisherman very successful!👍🎣🥰❤️
Hug from the fisherwoman from Brazil.

Andi Bagara

hey. I am your loyal subscriber.. I really enjoy watching your videos. And I never miss your videos. Greetings from Indonesia🇮🇩. keep spirit and make content 👍🏻💪🏻🙏


I literally passed you on 95 the other day! I don't know how quick you crank out videos but I assume you were on the way

Andi Bagara

Very very nice 👍🏻💪🏻🙏

Julia Fiore

Gabe, you got Joe’s name correct once, once…😂😂😂

OFF Fishing

Crappie fishing is by far one of my favorite kind of fishing!

Sista Slab

Awesome video

Alexander Williams

Love the video 💯💯💯

Sean Barry

You all are just to much lol I love everything you all do getting out of shape

Danny Hall

🤣 the way gabe flipped flopped between joevt and joeyt. Yall two together are funny as anything




Gabe I would love to see you collaborate with the googan squad.

Salt life Jay fishing channel

great video road to 1million subs!!! if your watching might as well subscribe