How To Fix Apple Pay Not Showing In Wallet App iPhone iOS 14 / iOS 15

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Jayant Yadav

thanks! it worked and soothing music. cheers

Vansh Arora

Very happy

Vansh Arora

Helped alot

Vansh Arora


Supreme X DJ

EVERYTIME I click my wallet/Apple Pay it just goes to a black screen and nun will pop up

Jesse Grayson

thank u onfg

Brigid Wilson

I cannot thank you enough! I already had my Apple Pay wallet set up, but couldn't find the bleepin' toggle for Apple Cash. Texted the young people I know and apparently Apple Cash is for old folks. So for 2 days, searching the almighty Google and today found you YouTube video. I just went to Settings:General:Language & Region and voilá! I had language set to English but region set to UK (because I'm an Anglophile who loves Brit-speak). After I changed region to United States, it worked!! Thank you

Tim Cassidy

When will Apple Cash come to Australia

Aurora Katherine Palacio

Thank you!! It worked 🙂

Brooke Wallace

my region isn’t the problem, i have apple pay but can’t access apple cash and that is what i want

Vanessa Ramirez


nimoi johnson


Christopher Schemer

YES!!! Thank you! Been trying to figure this out on wife’s iphone. She is from Colombia… and the “REGION” was the issue. 👊🏼👍🏼

A. Asu

i connected my bank card but when i go to imessage for example to try apple pay i don’t see the icon i don’t know if i did it right

Clarnika Rogers

What if your from the Caribbean (Anguilla) can it still work? I went and change my language and region to US and I get it work but when I entered my expiring date and cvc number and press next it’s telling me “your issuer does not yet offer support for this card”. Do I have to go to my bank?

ahsan rajput

It’s showing me add card option but its not letting me set my card into apple pay…. selected region is uk amd living in uk aswl

Cloé Dallaire

if u dont have a zip code or anything else from us … u cant?

Aswd Xzfzyyz


Anjan Kumar

After adding card details again we need to shift back to correct region ?

Mohamed Mahfouz

Thanks very much it’s so helpful

Erik Imerri


Erik Imerri

Thank you so much